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Instance - Astral Temple

Hey peoples!

Here's one of the first instances I ever made, and finally release after years.

This one is based over Saint Seya - Battle of the Sanctuary and the Zodiac Hats.

It's purpose is to go over the 12 Zodiac Houses to defeat guardians and progress til the Horde Master, who attacked and corrupted the Temple.

For this, you'll have to activate the Stars, spread around the floor, which represents the constellation, and guarded by monsters, matching the Zodiac House you're in, to call the guardian.

The one defeating it get some chance to get the matching Zodiac Hat.

Also, I use a function of mine to give special points. It is therefor possible to give some points when fulfiling and instance, but you'll have to define a "AddPoints" function (I can release it too if necessary), or to change the reward mode.

FInally, 4 level are available, with increasing monster count and influencing mobs size: Easy, Normal, Hard and Apocalypse (all big)

Have fun


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i know that this is too old but i like this can you teach me how to define the add points? or change the rewards to just items? or no rewards just loots. please reply and uhmmm everytime i start the instance i get disconnected..

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