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  1. I have a question All monsters have different size, Large, Medium Small and demihumans are usually medium size. If we put a script into Equipment, When u wear this armor, ur size become Small. Anyone know what should i write in script? This doesnt work... so anyone can guide me pls? { bonus bDefSize,Size_Small;},{},{}
  2. Hi @aferny, have u found out the solution for this? Im facing the same issue.... =(
  3. Hi, when i change armor in my server, the HP dont remain the same but instead, when swithching to another taogunka slotted armor, the remaining HP changed to no taogunka level. Anyone know where to change this setting so that I wear another armor, my hp wont reduce to the non tao gunka calculation level
  4. Hi everyone, I just found a very good solution to monitor and organize your palettes for each jobs. I cant help but to share this way of renaming palettes to every single jobs/ costumes / etc Some of you might know this way already, but just sharing because all other posts have been helping me out. For example Assassin Cross Palettes 건너_숍_남_1.pal Renaming into 건너_숍_남_1_1.pal 건너_숍_남_1_2.pal 건너_숍_남_1_3.pal and Renaming into other Jobs Costume like Arc Bishop 아크비숍_남_1.pal 아크비숍_남_1_1.pal 아크비숍_남_1_2.pal Or If you have All of the jobs and not gonna sort it out, just change 아크비숍_남_1.pal 건너_숍_남_1_1.pal 그리폰로얄_남_5_1.pal to 아크비숍_남_2.pal 건너_숍_남_1_2.pal 그리폰로얄_남_5_2.pal This way you can monitor what jobs or which costume is missing and can copy paste, rename it in and instance.
  5. Bump this post.. Hi @Emistry, this is a really good release, mind if update for new emulator to use? Same as the rest, Error during compiling.. Anyone has resolution method?
  6. Thanks for the reply, this post solved.
  7. Hi I am using 20180620 RagexeRE as default. I know is a pretty stable version but I want a client with hairstyle.. So i decided to change to 20181107 which consider quite close. I tried changing confiq\packets and tried custom\define_pre Compiled successful, but it wouldnt read my 20181107 client version. Can anyone assist me what did i missed out? I've been searching the website whole day now but i cant find a good solution.. Most of the links outdated.. Anyone please help me!
  8. hi guys, im setting up skills for my monsters to hit me. 1) Fire bolt (fire) 2) Lord of Vermilion (wind) 3) Storm Gust (water) 4) Meteor Storm (fire) Wanna ask why am i blocking all the skills with Deviling Cards? Not null, but damage 2 all the way with only deviling card on valkyrie Mantau Apparently if I put warm wind to the monsters then they only start damage me. Are monster skills including fire bolts are in neutral by default? Anyone encountered this issue before? my mdef 0+358
  9. Hi, anyone can teach me how to actually add this instance to instance_db.txt and instance_db.yml? Im facing failed to reserve instance..
  10. Hi, will u ever release this script? Nice job!
  11. When i die, im warp out and tried to rebuff. everyone freeze over there and this came out. may i know what step did i miss?
  12. Anyone know how to modify this? 1) I am looking for script for the woe, All guild members to get 1 woe coin per minute for holding the emperium instead of only get 1 prize at the end of WOE. 2) Exclusive Monster spawns in Guild base for WOE winner. Anyone know how to modify it?
  13. Have anyone encountered same hairstyle after 30th hairstyles?
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