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  1. Attached I inserted the palette of the Doram/summoner with its correct root and folders... you can use my palette to do before because they are quite complete.
  2. CyberDevil

    Mob Cards of Instances

    Thank you a lot @n0tttt
  3. CyberDevil

    Mob Cards of Instances

    Sorry if I reopen this topic/question forgotten but already that someone has made my same request, it seemed useless to open a new topic/request the same... I would like to know if someone (for example @Nova ehehehe!) can give us the data dell'item_db (sql or txt makes no difference) of the cards of Sky Fortress instance: 1) Immortal Cursed Knight Card 2) Immortal Wind Ghost Card 3) Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card Thank you for help us!
  4. @InfectedX I have this version and work on my updated rAthena Server. NightmarishJitterbug.txt
  5. Thanks a lot @hendra814... I'm stupid, the solution to the problem was very simple but I was fooled by the fact that these quests are dynamic, in fact every week the monsters required change and this script also has a list of monsters and quests big enough (see "setarray .monster_id" and "setarray .quest_id") that do not need, I believe! Edit: another problem... there is no cooldown on the quests! Any fix for this?
  6. Hallo @Ragno tnx a lot for you time... I have seen that the version of this script for Hercules (here) is updated to version 1.1 with a new NPC control for GMs and various fixes... is it possible to have the same update for our rAthena version? Thanks again for this sharing Edit: the script (version 1.0 to rAthena) don't work... after the warp on the custom map dungeon, there are no monsters inside!
  7. For this error put this file in your "npc/custom/" folder: and write this row in your "npc/scripts_custom.conf": npc: npc/custom/functions/Dispell.txt For the other errors I don't know what is it that errors... but check you you have the SQL table "db_roulette" populed with the prizes!
  8. @Stolao are there any other custom functions to make the Auto_Event script work without errors?
  9. CyberDevil

    Antibot - Botkiller 6

  10. CyberDevil

    Release: @partybuff/@spb

    Work on a 2018-06-20eRagexeRE client with my GM but not with a normal player... I need to set "@partyubuff" in the "/rAthena/conf/groups.conf" file???
  11. This is a temporary fix... In /data/msgstringtable.txt on line 3458, replace that line with #
  12. CyberDevil

    Stolao's Auto Event [v2.5A]

    Hallo @Stolao, I found another bug that maybe is related to the latest updates of rAthena... if 5 minutes before the start of an event users write "@joinevent" to participate, everything works fine, but if users write the command in chat "@joinevent" when there is no active event or after the programmed event is over, the normal window appears warning you that there is no event (see screenshot) but the character freezes and no longer responds to commands, the only thing you can do and logout and then login to be able to reuse it normally. This error appears in the console: "[Warning]: npc_scriptcont: failed npc_checknear test." Taking a cue from this topic it seems that the problem gives the dialogue that opens with distance of the NPC running it and @Euphy suggests replacing "mes" with "dispbottom", which seems to work but I have a bunch of other console errors. Can it be fixed in a simple way in any way?
  13. I solved the problem that is due to the fact that I use custom styles and colors hair. Client side I simply renamed the image and color files of the hair styles of the interface to create new characters and now at least for the human race styles and colors fit all... the problem is that now I had hair colors of the Doram/Summoner that were not aligned with the selection, so I renamed the Doram race palette files (file 1 became 8, the 2 became 1, the 3 became 2 etc etc.) and now all work! I leave this post for posterity
  14. If you mean that the client crashes when you open the skills window, it happened to me too and I solved it with this file: