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  1. CyberDevil

    Release: @partybuff/@spb

    Work on a 2018-06-20eRagexeRE client with my GM but not with a normal player... I need to set "@partyubuff" in the "/rAthena/conf/groups.conf" file???
  2. This is a temporary fix... In /data/msgstringtable.txt on line 3458, replace that line with #
  3. CyberDevil

    Stolao's Auto Event [v2.5A]

    Hallo @Stolao, I found another bug that maybe is related to the latest updates of rAthena... if 5 minutes before the start of an event users write "@joinevent" to participate, everything works fine, but if users write the command in chat "@joinevent" when there is no active event or after the programmed event is over, the normal window appears warning you that there is no event (see screenshot) but the character freezes and no longer responds to commands, the only thing you can do and logout and then login to be able to reuse it normally. This error appears in the console: "[Warning]: npc_scriptcont: failed npc_checknear test." Taking a cue from this topic it seems that the problem gives the dialogue that opens with distance of the NPC running it and @Euphy suggests replacing "mes" with "dispbottom", which seems to work but I have a bunch of other console errors. Can it be fixed in a simple way in any way?
  4. I solved the problem that is due to the fact that I use custom styles and colors hair. Client side I simply renamed the image and color files of the hair styles of the interface to create new characters and now at least for the human race styles and colors fit all... the problem is that now I had hair colors of the Doram/Summoner that were not aligned with the selection, so I renamed the Doram race palette files (file 1 became 8, the 2 became 1, the 3 became 2 etc etc.) and now all work! I leave this post for posterity
  5. If you mean that the client crashes when you open the skills window, it happened to me too and I solved it with this file:
  6. Does anyone else have the problem that I have with hair colors and types of styles when creating a new character? I specified everything in this request topic:
  7. You need to diff the ragexe with the option "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub (Recommended)" activated and make the corrct path like "System/itemInfo.lua" at the option request.
  8. I have a strange problem that I think we have all those who are using the new kRO client... I use the ragexe "2018-06-20eRagexeRE" diffed and in the creation screen of a new character, half of the hair styles are mixed (ie by selecting one style from the list on the right, another style appears on the novice) and the other half hair styles are correctly to the right selected style. Same problem with hair colors, only here are staggered a place, for example if you select the first color yellow/blond on the novice will appear the next purple hair color and so on, but at the Doram/Summoner colors are perfect. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. done... tnx a lot
  10. Hi @hendra814 I have this error when I try to select the option "Increase creation Hair Style & Color Limits" ... what am I missing?
  11. ok thanks for the answer @jchcc... what is the most compatible client with this version of NEMO?
  12. Another little problem with "Show Exp Numbers": ... @jchcc can you suggest me how I can fix it? thx bro edit: same for the option "Increase creation Hair Styles & Color Limits" (erroe is: HairColor comparision missing)! what did I forget to do?
  13. EDIT: solved... thank you @jchcc I have read now your answer for "short by votes" issue! +1 for you