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  1. I've already had this kind of error on the "announce" function in other custom scripts teased on this forum but it's the first time I've seen it appear by launching an official rAthena script... to be exact this: ...any suggestions to solve it? Maybe I can fix other custom scripts too
  2. missing 3d models: \data\model\gld2\domi1.rsm \data\model\gld2\domi2.rsm \data\model\gld2\luca_05.rsm \data\model\gld2\luca_09.rsm \data\model\gld2\tree7.rsm ...anyone have that files?
  3. @Alayne I have last rathena and i reciuved this error after I kill the 1st Baphomet (MVP): [17/May 19:49][Error]: buildin_callfunc: Function not found! [AddPoints] [17/May 19:49][Debug]: Source (NPC): astral_temple_main at [email protected] (1,1)
  4. @Alayne does not work with the latest version of rAthena
  5. same problem with the last FluxCP and rAthena version... I have just reported the problem to @Cydh and I am waiting for his intervention... I will update later! EDIT: Without a php error or similar, I can't solve the problem and make this add-on work... unfortunately even after several attempts to contact @Cydh or the administrator of this forum, I could not get any kind of support or answer, I am forced to request a refund from Paypal and I'm very sorry for that because I'm not used to asking for money back, knowing that part of this money is for the rAthena maintenance cause... I will find another way to support rAthena .
  6. Hi @Emistry, how can I get a static Campfire without countdown timer in the central square of Prontera like a NPC, so that players can recharge their energy by standing by? EDIT: I have make this simple script, correct me if you see error: prontera,155,178,4 script Campfire 10252,{ dispbottom "This beautiful bonfire quickly regenerates the HP and SP to anyone nearby!"; end; OnInit: OnTimer2000: initnpctimer; // areapercentheal "<mapname>",<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>,<%hp>,<%sp>; areapercentheal "prontera",151,174,159,182,5,5; end; } ...but with this I can't duplicate it easy in other cities! -.-
  7. same problem for me with an updated FluxCP version! My php and libraries version here: EDIT: I don't know if it can be used to identify the bug, but if I insert a wrong code (with the DebugMode on "true"), I get this error on the header: entering a correct and working code, I receive this message but without errors on the header: (sorry for this double img, I can't delete it EHEHEHE!) XD
  8. nope... I think this issue can solve with GCC-5 but it's no more important for me... the server work perfectly also with this warning!
  9. in this directory "/addons/vending_ext/themes/", in addition to having the normal "default" folder, you must also have the folder with the name of your theme you are using, containing exactly the same files as the "default" folder... so you can also simply rename the "default" folder with the name of the theme you are using or copy and rename it.
  10. @wakefield21 you need the theme folder with the name of your theme... try to copy the folder in bold "/addons/vending_ext/themes/default" and rename with the name of your theme that you can see in "/themes/theme_name"
  11. I guess it's a bit too early but have you information to be able to update our clients with these new skills effects or do we have to wait for an update to the rAthena side?
  12. Hallo @FXFreitas, any update for this new hair styles?
  13. Thank you @crazyarashi, but in this case the variable ".chance = 3;" is it also affected by the server's drop rate? This option: // The rate at which equipment is dropped. item_rate_equip: 100 at:
  14. in the future will it be possible to have a dll that supports this RE version? EDIT: thanks @Normynator , it is no longer necessary... I thought that the best solution is to use a compatible and more recent version, so I'll move on to the 20180621RE version