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Community Answers

  1. I confirm this problem compiling for linux server
  2. You are probably right but I downloaded a version of April 2020 and there weren't these files inside, maybe the one who created this distribution removed these 2 files for I don't know what reason, the fact is that I didn't have them in the kRO client that I found on the net. ?
  3. ok @Start_ it's quite simple it seems to me, but why with low item ID like red potion 501 tells me that the item doesn't exist?
  4. I'm trying to put on a test server a simple npc to test the items, which to any player (also non-GM players) asks him for the ID and quantity of the item he wants and gives it to him... if the id is not exists, he writes it! I could simply activate the "@item" command to all players but I need this system to be a script and not a command... any suggestions?
  5. I managed to understand the problem... I was missing these 2 files in the client: \System\Font\SCDream4.otf \System\Font\SCDream6.otf Thanks everyone for the informations, I leave this post available for other people with this problem!
  6. UPDATE: the client closes only if I enter the towns and only if the "Dispay Map Name" option (that you see in the attached screenshot) is flagged... I guess the problem is due to the effect title with the name of the map (town) that should appear in the foreground when you enter but I don't know why it makes me close the client even if I have all the textures (rdata.grf and kRO data.grf updated), this is an example LINK. Any idea to solve this?
  7. ok thanks for the information guys... in fact I have decided to not use the "packets obfuscation" system anymore but now I have a strage problem after the diff of any version of ragexe (late 2018, 2019 and 2020)... when I select the character, the client closes without errors but I think that the problem is in this file: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/blob/master/Ragnarok/System/mapInfo_true_EN.lub If I exclude it from Nemo's options, I obviously get the error that it does not find the original file (mapInfo_true.lub) but anyway the game starts... I think the problem is the @llchrisll's file that maybe it was compiled wrong... @llchrisll can you help me?
  8. Thanks @Balfear for the explanation but unfortunately I have serious problems with any version of ragexe higher than 2018-06-21, with Nemo (also updated) I cannot set the 3 encryption keys (see screenshots) that I have always used on my server, as well as other errors for others monor diffs but not important like these 3 keys. Is there a version of Nemo that can allow me to add keys to a ragexe compatible with ultra high IDs?
  9. Sorry for my question, but I can't see the SQL file to create the table cashshop_log... not need it? Done by myself and work perfectly: CREATE TABLE `cashshop_log` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `nameid` varchar(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `qnt` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `account_id` int(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `char_id` int(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `map` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `date` datetime NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; ALTER TABLE `cashshop_log` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`); ALTER TABLE `cashshop_log` MODIFY `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT;
  10. This is a strange problem because it is not about missing sprites, in fact I have no errors, but simply all the new Warlock books that you see in this link, are displayed as a simple apple with a description of the apple (not like an "Unknown Item") and by double clicking on it, it also appears the effect of the apple but obviously without any HP recharge and without disappearing, also the message "Can't read a Magic Book anymore." appears in the chat, which you also see in the attached screenshot. The tree apple that you see are the spell books with ID 100065, 100070 and 100074. I'm not sure it could be a client problem (updated to the latest version from the git repository at https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE)... can anyone give me an explanation? p.s.: my diffed ragexe is 2018-06-21aRagexeRE and my server is update at last git updates.
  11. if need here the 1st version: https://upaste.me/8f1a9709f7994a0
  12. I see this in the code but I believe there is a formatting error: if(checkquest(14660,HUNTING) != 2 || 10 > countitem(25269) || 10 > countitem(25268)){ Someone with C ++ experience can confirm that the right syntax is this: if(checkquest(14660,HUNTING) != 2 || countitem(25269) > 10 || countitem(25268) > 10 ){ and if this is a syntax error, there are other similar errors in the rest of the script.
  13. There is a problem with the time format when I add a new voting site... for example my FluxCP is setted with the italian time format "d/m/Y - H:i:s" (PHP)
  14. this script is deprecated... not work for now... any updates?
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