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  1. HELP PLEASE Can i Request for a Script That Summons WORLD BOSS when 20k-100k monsters is killed then Announce its Arrival then Summons monsters in all maps like 10 to 20 of them?
  2. as for my client it detects all i tried puting only at my custom.grf already client crashes, i tried just putting in data.grf still crashes client or poring, then when i put all 4 of it, it fixes everything, all 4 of them have different encoding only jobname.lua is same but NPCIdentity.lub and npcidentity.lub is different, but even tho jobname.lub is same if i dont put the mob in the other client still crashes.. so thats why i posted it , maybe someone is having a client like mine, and a problem like mine..
  3. I don't know where to put this so i put it here, i'm new here tho and i'm new to creating server and new to scripting and everything but i'm making my own server and fixing it my own etc so here it is. 1. after adding your custom mobs your client crash. 2. it shows poring. fix: 1.find this both NPCIdentity.lub, jobname.lub at data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo 2.find this both npcidentity.lub, jobname.lub at data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo 3.they are located in different GRF, just like mine.(maybe client crash because you put you custom mob in the other but you didnt put in the other, maybe this applies to old client mine is 2015) look for that 4 files separate them in each folder for they overwrite each other. because they dont have the same content on it, it will break ur server if you overwrite those, so be careful on adding them, just add ur custom mob in those 4 files accordingly, they have different types of encoding so follow that in every file.. then ur good to go :3
  4. check ur iteminfo.lub and the monster drop you are killing, if in iteminfo.lub if in the unidentified part is empty, find all unidentified hat,garment, armor, boots look for them then put it, cuz when monster when killed maybe they dont support direct item drop like the drop sprite of an identified items, so you need to make the monster drop the unidentified one this fixed mine so maybe this would help, even tho this is not helpful for you maybe others in future :3 코튼셔츠 = armor 후드 = garment 샌들 = footgear 캡 = headgear
  5. can i ask for it? like if you support latest instances and its on ur mob db can i have it? if its alright..
  6. i know that this is too old but i like this can you teach me how to define the add points? or change the rewards to just items? or no rewards just loots. please reply and uhmmm everytime i start the instance i get disconnected..
  7. in item_db.txt put 2 in view as for weapon and as for armor im not sure just look for some other armor view in ur item_db and aspd would be back.
  8. no NPC second scene find 35055 change to 25055 in devil tower script its looking for 35055 while the item at item_db is 25055 so just change 35055 on devil tower script instance to make 2nd screen appear..
  9. i saw this and i kinda like making my own server, i downloaded the versio 2.6 aaaaaaaand the remove enchant does not work properly only slot 3 is removable and others is not can you help me?