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  1. case MO_BODYRELOCATION: if(sd && (sd->sc.data[SC_SPIDERWEB] || sd->sc.data[SC_CLOSECONFINE2] || sc->data[SC_ANKLE])) if (unit_movepos(src, x, y, 2, 1)) { break;
  2. You forgot to add this at atcommand.cpp AtCommandInfo atcommand_base[] = { + ACMD_DEF(autoattack),
  3. Hi, can you update this to support 4th job classes and star emperor, soul reaper. Thanks
  4. Its allowed just put the same item id in monster drop via mob_db.yml
  5. No working on latest rathena, always said Doesnt have any job advancement for you noweven im just a novice. Edit : Working now I just restart my server. But I saw this one. [Debug]: script debug : 0 110008724 : Loaded
  6. How to make Wizard Link adding 10% reduce skill cast delay like kiel effect. and Also enable to use Level 10 Heal, Thanks in advance.
  7. How about adding a map. Example you can get mvp points in Bossnia level 1 to level 4 only.
  8. Loke

    MVP Points

    I want to give points for each mvp killed in desired map. Thanks in advance. //================== Ragnarok====================== //==================Bossnia Points================== - script Point_Bossnia -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_MVPEXP ) && (strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_01" || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_02" || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_03 || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_04")) { set #BOSSNIAPOINTS, #BOSSNIAPOINTS + 1; dispbottom "You gained "+ #BOSSNIAPOINTS +" Bossnia Points."; end; } OnCheckPoint: dispbottom "You currently have " + #BOSSNIAPOINTS + " Bossnia Points."; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "bpoints", strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnCheckPoint"; end; }
  9. Its really good. Keep it up! 10/10
  10. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    I did that already but still i can equip the weapon using thief class. Btw thanks for the reply.
  11. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    -Id: 1264 AegisName: Various_Jur Name: Specialty Jur Type: Weapon SubType: Katar Buy: 20 Weight: 800 Attack: 90 Range: 1 Jobs: Assassin: true Slots: 4 Locations: Right_Hand: true Left_Hand: true WeaponLevel: 1 EquipLevelMin: 1 Refineable: true Script: | bonus2 bAddEff2,Eff_Bleeding,10;
  12. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    How to disabled Jur in Thief? In my server Thief Class can equip all Jur type weapon that cause error.
  13. Loke


    Sorry but what im talking about is for Vending Skill, But thanks for your reply.
  14. Loke


    I need a script that can vend some items in fixed amount. Example: Gold 100,000z then you can't vend the Gold more than 100k.
  15. The latest update @woe is bug when woe is active. please check
  16. Why no prize for winning guild? // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). set .Options, 1|2; // Rewards per castle. // setarray .reward_id[0], <itemID>{,<itemID>,...} // setarray .reward_amount[0], <amount>{,<amount>,...} setarray .reward_id[0],14003; setarray .reward_amount[0],1; It should be all players of the winning guild will get 1x of ESB via RoDex right? but no prize given after WOE.
  17. Loke

    PVP Rank

    How to make a script that can display the top 10 woe ranking or pvp ranking or koe ranking using @woerank , @pvprank or @koerank command.
  18. Another question how to disabled getting points in other pvp maps? I already set the map in scirpt but still the other pvp map still getting pvp points. It can be abuse in other map
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