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  1. hi i can't remember i think i found it in that post. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/4348
  2. sorry how to fix your script.
  3. So if i want to set double drop all monster must set like this all id monster !! OMG! Thank you. hahaha
  4. Send mail but mail box not refresh new message. Must click refresh by self or logout select character again. query_sql("INSERT INTO `mail` (`id`, `send_name`, `send_id`, `dest_name`, `dest_id`, `title`, `message`, `time`, `status`, `zeny`, `type`) VALUES ('', 'System', '150001', 'Admin', '150000', 'Test', 'Test mail', unix_timestamp( now() ), '1', '0', '0') "); Sorry my english. Thank you advance.
  5. Thank you Can you example for me
  6. Script Is it possible or not That will allow monsters to drop double items. Thank you advance.
  7. Very difficult to install And the elusive explanation I have tried many times, but I have not succeeded.
  8. The original model is good, why change it so difficult?
  9. I Record from Minimal windows if you want look at this New update I can't record from high resolution size very big!
  10. [Showcase] Prontera Full HD 8K / Morroc HD / Other / Final Beta 2 Thank you original Prontera 3D
  11. Can you do it? When HP is less than 50%, use item fly Wing. Thank you Advance.
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