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  1. The latest update @woe is bug when woe is active. please check
  2. Why no prize for winning guild? // Combine values as needed (e.g. 1|8 = 1+8 = 9). set .Options, 1|2; // Rewards per castle. // setarray .reward_id[0], <itemID>{,<itemID>,...} // setarray .reward_amount[0], <amount>{,<amount>,...} setarray .reward_id[0],14003; setarray .reward_amount[0],1; It should be all players of the winning guild will get 1x of ESB via RoDex right? but no prize given after WOE.
  3. Me too lex aeterna is bug on ghost monster
  4. Loke

    PVP Rank

    How to make a script that can display the top 10 woe ranking or pvp ranking or koe ranking using @woerank , @pvprank or @koerank command.
  5. Another question how to disabled getting points in other pvp maps? I already set the map in scirpt but still the other pvp map still getting pvp points. It can be abuse in other map
  6. Is this possible? Garment + Lower = 8192+4096 = 12288
  7. Thank you! I'll try this later.
  8. I got this error also did you fix it?
  9. Loke


    I'll try thanks
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