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  1. How to make this continue the time even the character recon.
  2. I download the files just now and its still cannot find the wav 0_mk0.wav im using the 1.4v
  3. Loke

    Service Select

    What do you mean? Im using 2017 client
  4. How to add Smooth Normal Busy in select service uisng msgstringtable thanks in advance
  5. did you fix it? I've got same error using the latest git.
  6. is this working in latest svn? Got error on recompiling with skill.cpp using latest git Skill.c: In fuction 'skill_castend_nodamage_id': Skill.c:7531: warning: implict declaración of fuction 'clif_vend'
  7. I see.. I just want the concept of Ragnarok Journey when killing mvp all players online will get rewards. xD Thank btw
  8. Can you add get free 1pc of YGGberry to all online players via rodex everytime the MVP kill by other player in their respective map except in mvp room and deadbranch room.
  9. Thank you very much The new version 1.4 is not updating the current ladder info. Update for 1.4 Cannot find file wav\0_mk0.wav I checked the wav folder and the files isnt there.
  10. Please update the wav file link or anyone can upload the wav file thank you in advance,
  11. I cant make a custom item in latest rathena. The map server always saying this error when creating in import folder in db. itemdb_readdb: mismatching curly in line 13 of db/import/item_db.txt item with id 9201 skipping.. 9201,B_Armor,B Armor,4,0,,2800,,55,,1,0xFFFFFFFE,18,2,16,,1,1,0,{ },{},{} Btw im using renewal mode
  12. I did the same thing. It fix now for replacing to a new full db folder. Thank you