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Community Answers

  1. case MO_BODYRELOCATION: if(sd && (sd->sc.data[SC_SPIDERWEB] || sd->sc.data[SC_CLOSECONFINE2] || sc->data[SC_ANKLE])) if (unit_movepos(src, x, y, 2, 1)) { break;
  2. You forgot to add this at atcommand.cpp AtCommandInfo atcommand_base[] = { + ACMD_DEF(autoattack),
  3. Hi, can you update this to support 4th job classes and star emperor, soul reaper. Thanks
  4. Its allowed just put the same item id in monster drop via mob_db.yml
  5. No working on latest rathena, always said Doesnt have any job advancement for you noweven im just a novice. Edit : Working now I just restart my server. But I saw this one. [Debug]: script debug : 0 110008724 : Loaded
  6. How to make Wizard Link adding 10% reduce skill cast delay like kiel effect. and Also enable to use Level 10 Heal, Thanks in advance.
  7. How about adding a map. Example you can get mvp points in Bossnia level 1 to level 4 only.
  8. Loke

    MVP Points

    I want to give points for each mvp killed in desired map. Thanks in advance. //================== Ragnarok====================== //==================Bossnia Points================== - script Point_Bossnia -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_MVPEXP ) && (strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_01" || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_02" || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_03 || strcharinfo(3) == "bossnia_04")) { set #BOSSNIAPOINTS, #BOSSNIAPOINTS + 1; dispbottom "You gained "+ #BOSSNIAPOINTS +" Bossnia Points."; end; } OnCheckPoint: dispbottom "You currently have " + #BOSSNIAPOINTS + " Bossnia Points."; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "bpoints", strnpcinfo(0) + "::OnCheckPoint"; end; }
  9. Its really good. Keep it up! 10/10
  10. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    I did that already but still i can equip the weapon using thief class. Btw thanks for the reply.
  11. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    -Id: 1264 AegisName: Various_Jur Name: Specialty Jur Type: Weapon SubType: Katar Buy: 20 Weight: 800 Attack: 90 Range: 1 Jobs: Assassin: true Slots: 4 Locations: Right_Hand: true Left_Hand: true WeaponLevel: 1 EquipLevelMin: 1 Refineable: true Script: | bonus2 bAddEff2,Eff_Bleeding,10;
  12. Loke

    Jur Weapon

    How to disabled Jur in Thief? In my server Thief Class can equip all Jur type weapon that cause error.
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