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  1. is this work? i try this but no treasure apear on map only announced !! wwhy i put many treasure chest id mobs but no treasure apeared!! on town!!
  2. how? like this? getitembound2 .Items[[email protected]],.Items[[email protected]+1],1,.Items[[email protected]+2],0,0,0,0,0,1;
  3. Question when player using @question command with out words or anything they can warp them self like just using @warp how to fix it no words no warp @Emistry @Capuche??? help me pls thanks!!
  4. if ( script_isstring(st,2) ) sd = map_nick2sd( script_getstr(st,2) ); i got error on this one when i recompile
  5. Kuneho


    got error when recompile using Rathena lates Rev.
  6. i use this but i got error im using rathena Lates Rev. i got error on this sd = map_nick2sd( script_getstr(st,2) );
  7. Question How do i change the Punishment of this removing the DC change it into a Silence for 20mins or 10mins..
  8. I want to make Custom skill using a commands @disguise and fakename into a custom skill copying monster and monster name can some help is there a best way to make one? help plss More power.. rathena.. solve By aleos
  9. Solve BY on discord Stolao
  10. Help how to make skill that using @slaveclone or @clone and im new on this one Thanks more power
  11. hey is your Custom job not getting error when entering on the map? me got error when entering on the map when i enter .. loading then Boom error..
  12. I already put it on my Data or GRF . but got that error %_%