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  1. ricky

    winz.. can u help me ???? 

     i got some error on building my private server..

    there are pop out message on my error.. 


    Lua Files\StateIcon\StateIconInfo

    [string "buf"]:4082: table index is nil


    1. ricky


      any help will be appreciated... thanks..


  2. Winz


    posted on wrong board. my bad
  3. no error no anything? client connected to wrong IP (should be or WAN or LAN IP, not localhost)?
  4. run the app as an Administrator? make sure that the exe and patch.inf are not blocked nor read-only (right click, properties)?
  5. Deleting the old server and downloading the new one, recompile, setting up (including DB) is not a good idea, I know. The only way to fix the problem is to run the sql upgrade files. Wait, what did you upgrade? the database or the server? If you upgraded the database, then you need to upgrade the server (and vice versa). Which to run? umm.. your last revision (or build date) to today (one by one) If you just upgraded your server files, you may drop all of your database's tables and re run the sql files like you installed a new one. Be reminded that all of your data will be deleted (logins, chars, items)
  6. Don't tell me you created the character directly through SQL, not client. Because creating a character through client shall give you a ' 1****** ' char id instead of ' 1 '
  7. Change the temporary NPC timer to permanent player variable will fix. answer: change .timer to timer
  8. This should be helpful http://ask.xmodulo.com/open-port-firewall-centos-rhel.html
  9. as I remember, ID '1' is reserved for servers communication. make sure that the login credentials inside your login is the same with the id and password in char_athena.conf, map_athena.conf as for your own ID, it should start from 2000001, if i'm not mistaken.
  10. 1. either your lua or lub files are not compatible with your client. i see the "Data translation Folder" is git-controlled.. is it the latest version? and are you using the client it supports? what's your client date? (http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/ClientSide/Lua_Project/lubs/ ) but I can't find more than 2012-04-18 lub files. 2. some "launchers" are just.. having problems. I forget, if loki does or doesn't have a problem. If you want, you can fix this by diff-ing another client, but with (damn i forget what the patch name is) checked. Restore login window or something it is.. 2. alt: you can also create a shortcut to your .exe and open properties and add this line: -1rag1 /account:clientinfo.xml -t:YOURPASSWORD YOURUSERID server to the left of your "target" box. remember that it is case sensitive. and YOURUSERID may be changed to Gimj if it needs. also your password, make it unencrypted. or i think, you can try using loki but with MD5 always off (even if your server turns MD5 on). anything sent to client (as password) will be converted to md5 automatically if needed
  11. Winz

    itemshop bug

    is it a custom map? where it is? what item you're buying? from what script it is? mind posting the script? please give more informations.
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