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  1. Nedie

    Caspen Town Warps

    Thank you very much... Technoken and Cyro Problem solved.
  2. Nedie

    Caspen Town Warps

    Thank you very much I know now.. another favor. can you help me how to put caspen in the commands like when I type "@go" i want ho appear the caspen as "@go 36" with fix coordinates..
  3. Nedie

    Caspen Town Warps

    okay I did try what you give me.. Thanks.. So, how can i make a warp back and forth?
  4. Nedie

    Caspen Town Warps

    okay I will try this now btw....what is the meaning of this 3rd sentense something to do with special name or? c01toc02
  5. Nedie

    Caspen Town Warps

    Yes sir, and i would like to put warp portal also to go inside in ex: casp_in01 casp_in02
  6. Hello rAthena Community, I recently downloaded and added the " caspen town" By Syouji If anyone have a script in Warps for my database. Im not expert on scripting warps, so, I wish someone could help me. Thank you in Advance.
  7. Okay Now I know... OMG I did it. its fixed now.. THANK YOU Mr. Azura Skyy and Mr. Poring King.
  8. yes sir i copy all included the extra gat gnd rsw also here is my data.ini is this correct?
  9. I did what you say I copy the data model texture and paste it on my Data client folder and then i open WeeMapCache and the open the .gat file and save I have pre and re ...map_index what should i write here cuz the map is prontera and prontera is already there. should i recompile again after that?
  10. Yes sir. it is..2017 can u help me or I just want to replace the theme of prontera to spring or summer theme of my prontera map Mr. Valor gave me video it was for eathena.. im using rAthena..
  11. I already replace the file .rsw.gnd.gat.extra in my data folder I have this GRF which of them should i Open?
  12. i have this Files which of them should I put. I m sorry I'm noob on this
  13. Hello rAthena community, Can someone help me. I have offline serve which is Renewal the prontera theme is Christmas with snow effect, I want to change it to Spring theme.. I have already downloaded the Spring season Own by Olrox ( Can somone teach me how to change it or steps to do it? Thank you in advance.
  14. This thread is old but.. can someone help me ...My offline server is renewal and the the prontera is xmas theme with snow effects I download a Seasonal custom map..I wanted the spring custom prontera to be on it. Im a noob on costumizing.. someone guide me where should i put or steps to do? thank you in advance