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  1. I think I did see a source diff before that tackled your problem. I think looking it up might solve your problem.
  2. // Activate guild skills delay by relog? // Official setting is 5 minutes (300000 ms), otherwise allow guild leaders to relog to cancel the 5 minute delay. guild_skill_relog_delay: 300000 Have you modified this filed bro?
  3. I think I found the solution. for 2015 client it needs hex, for newer client it needs msgstringtable. Thank you everyone.
  4. can you clarify your question please. I cant seem do understand.
  5. Its just preference mate. I am working on a pre-re server so 2015 can suffice on what I need.
  6. I tried to update my msgstringtable ma'am/sir but the problem is still there. btw ma'am/sir I am using 2015-11-04aRagexe client.
  7. Hello Ma'am/Sir, I am using sir Zackdreaver's translation but still the problem exist. Thank you.
  8. Good Day Everyone, I just wanna ask if someone managed to translate the achievement system. I googled for about 3 hours now searching for an answer but there seems to be a clear answer. I hope you can help me out. Screenshots below. Thank you in advance.
  9. Gepard Shield is just 180 USD (lifetime). Don't know if functor increases the price. Last time its 200 USD mate. I dont know if the price changes after the version 3 release and the asnwer for your question seems that there is no free hack shield that is currently released atm.
  10. Here's a guide. Tried to search it on rathena wiki but it doesnt exist.
  11. Please post if there are server/map errors.
  12. So after researching for about 2 days now and concluded that 3999 is the is the max mob id for my client 2015-11-04aRagexe, So I made some custom mobs on the vacant ID's the problem is when the id is below 3970 the mob is too big when spawned. 3971 and above is fine until 3998. here is an example of the mob. I also check it on act editor/sprite editor and the size is just normal.
  13. bump. hello guys. I really need your help. thank you.
  14. can I get an updated link please. Sorry for asking again. Thank you.