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  1. Good Day Everyone, Can someone help me out with the Service Desk allow attachment of screen shots so It would be easier to manage reports/request. Thank you.
  2. Good day everyone, I would like to ask for a help about my fluxcp, I dont think its normal that when I load my fluxcp with the server status sidebar or on its page default /?module=server&action=status that it takes about 6-8 seconds but going on the item or mob any other page that have multiple query on it would just take like milliseconds. I hope you understand what I mean, I attached a screenshot below to give you an idea. Thank you and I hope that you could help me out.
  3. Good Day Ma'am/Sir, I edited the sprite, clean the edges and it does work. Thank you for your suggestion.
  4. Good Day everyone, Just wanna ask if someone encountered this kind of palette overflow or the thin black line on the head sprite. this happen on some palette but not on the others and I tried to compare them and select every color to see if it can be highlighted but it doesnt show up. It is showing specifically on frame 4 of the sprite. Thanks in advance.
  5. Good day sir, I think it does have an effect on potions. Thank you for pointing that out.
  6. Good Day everyone, I just discovered a little bit of weird thing today which is when using a GM account while using red potion or any kind of potion heals more HP than the indicated HP on the item script, when using normal account the potion seems fine. Is it normal or not? Please note that i am using the default item script. Sorry mod's if I am in the wrong section but I dont know where to post this. Thank you in advance.
  7. I think its not on that file. Its on the nemo patcher option. look for this when your patching your exe
  8. bump on this been searching for days now but still cant find a solution. thanks in advance
  9. Thanna20

    A warning

    you should be on the client section bro. Because the problem is your client.
  10. And this is not the place for that. Seriously.
  11. Good Day Everyone, Is there a way I can check the scaling? Like the old browedit which is under spritedit. Thanks in advance.
  12. The Gepard is great. almost every server needs this and with the support sir Functor provide. Save yourself from the hassle of thinking that your server is being destroyed by hackers.
  13. Thanks mate. did some research but cant seem to find something about the sword. I thought Im just missing the sprite, I guess your right. Thank you again.
  14. Good Day everyone, This maybe stupid but can I ask, Is it normal that the rental mount (boarding halter) for swordsman is a peco peco? because thief and other jobs got the new mounts. Thank you.
  15. Good Day Everyone, Before I did yuse the ROchargen but now I cant seem to make it work. All I got is blank pag even when the debug mode is open and when I open the inspect tab on chrome I cant see any error. I hope you can help me out. Thank you.
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