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  1. Good Day everyone, I dont know if this is the right place for this question, sorry if Im on the wrong section. While playing with the bodystyle on my pre-re server and adding sprites with the proper names on costume_1 the job sprites are working correctly with and without boarding halter but with the dragon mount it breaks the costume garment placement. With a dragon mount it breaks the placement of the costume garment. with or without halter it does work fine This is not changebase its just bodystyle. can someone enlighten me about this issue. Thank you.
  2. @Haziel good day sir, can I request for a corrected 4th class sprites for palettes thank you very much.
  3. have you tried different lang types on your clientxml?
  4. Check this out on your login_athena.conf // Store passwords as MD5 hashes instead of plain text? // NOTE: Will not work with clients that use <passwordencrypt> use_MD5_passwords: no
  5. Sa tingin ko walang gepard na for rent at marami din naloloko about gepard. may mga nag papasetup ng server and then ung nag sesetup ang mag babayad kay Functor ng gepard license ang problema indi kikilalanin ni functor na ownder ng license ung owner ng server kundi ung nag setup ng server. kaya mas ok kung directly ka mag iinquire kay Functor about Gepard Shield.
  6. Thanna20

    ASk refund

    ask the seller first. if he is selling it here then directly message him/her or post your problem under web support. I dont think that someone will sell a fluxcp theme that is not working at all.
  7. You actually made a duplicate post on this forum. This is your answer right here, check the wiki about map cache.
  8. Are you using a custom prontera map? have you updated your mapcache? Open your GRF with GRF Editor and press alt+ctrl +s will repack GRF and can be read by browedit. kudos to sir @Functor for this.
  9. I actually have 10 storage and still monitoring if there is some problems with it. I think its autoattack if you have autopots and set the ms delay lower on the default settings it will probably use your server resources.
  10. About bots/automation and client side encryption you should probably use Gepard its highly recommended and use GRF Editor and use the encryption function. About exploits you will have to test your scripts and source modifications many times in almost all possibilities and ask players about feedback, many are willing to help while others keep it as a secret and for their advantages. About account sharing, there is nothing you can do about it. Almost every game you play will probably tell you not to share your account/credentials and its their fault for sharing it. Please contact Functor here first because if you search Functor on skype there are many idiots who use his name for the sake of scamming people.
  11. Good Day everyone, I think I manage to work things out. Thank you.
  12. Good Day everyone, I have made a custom mapflag before but its the old trunk, can someone help me to update this and be a reference for the new mapflag system. Thank you.
  13. what a shame, how can he manage a server and have a big responsibility and power. His server is xtremelethalro as I can see on his profile. This is the kind of people who tries to scam their own player for sure. That is why players doubt dev because of this. server link: http://xtremelethalro.net/
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