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  1. bump on this been searching for days now but still cant find a solution. thanks in advance
  2. Thanna20


    teach your self and ask people nicely. It seems to me that your ego is above the ceiling about your post.
  3. Thanna20

    A warning

    you should be on the client section bro. Because the problem is your client.
  4. And this is not the place for that. Seriously.
  5. Good Day Everyone, Is there a way I can check the scaling? Like the old browedit which is under spritedit. Thanks in advance.
  6. The Gepard is great. almost every server needs this and with the support sir Functor provide. Save yourself from the hassle of thinking that your server is being destroyed by hackers.
  7. Thanks mate. did some research but cant seem to find something about the sword. I thought Im just missing the sprite, I guess your right. Thank you again.
  8. Good Day everyone, This maybe stupid but can I ask, Is it normal that the rental mount (boarding halter) for swordsman is a peco peco? because thief and other jobs got the new mounts. Thank you.
  9. Good Day Everyone, Before I did yuse the ROchargen but now I cant seem to make it work. All I got is blank pag even when the debug mode is open and when I open the inspect tab on chrome I cant see any error. I hope you can help me out. Thank you.
  10. I think its best not to modify that bro. But let me check what files are needed.
  11. As I said earlier mate thats the behavior of it. There is nothing to fix unless you want to modify it.
  12. That is a natural behavior mate.
  13. same setup bro. its just that the rathena documentation is incomplete I guess. I check the rathena github wiki and there is no tutorial in there.
  14. Here is a detailed installation mate.