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  1. We just made a comeback and that thread was posted oct 9, 2019.
  2. I dont see anything wrong in our side since we finished all the project from our past client. We just didnt reply to people who want a quotation.
  3. No one will really answer because we've been off and just made a comeback. Our last project was 2016.
  4. Just want to showcase our latest projects since our comeback.
  5. s1 Lykos, a website design and development team specializing in affordable customized web site/blog design, interactive web development, database-to-web integration, web-based application etc. We also offers ragnarok sprites, patcher, and banner design, etc. Contact Information Available! Website: Send me a message here. Skype: [email protected] Discord: s1 Lykos Designs#8695 Services Splash | Web Design Patcher Skin Loading | Login Screen Banner | Logo Coding (HTML, HTML 5, JQuery, CSS, SQL, PHP) Flux CP Addons Custom Sprites Custom Job Headgears | Animated HG Custom Weapons NPC Sprite Monster Sprite
  6. WJXpvYx.png

    How much your service for this Headgear? thanks advance merry christmas??

  7. Too lazy to update mine. Good job!
  8. conf/battle/misc.conf // Set this to the amount of minutes autotrade chars will be kicked from the server. at_timeout: 0
  10. Yes Sir its totally working before i had no problems like this before, then i stopped playing RO for atleast 8months i think coz i got busy and then sine the other day everytime i Open the Patcher that error always pops up in my windows >.< im Using Windows 7 and i tried downloading new Private Servers RO Lite Patchers but its just the same that error always pops up >.< just do a compatibility modification. what is this thing? sir i have already tried Troubleshoot Compatibility but the only thing that change is the error pops up after some mins. sir how can i update the Thor patcher to latest?? im sorry im really newbie about this kind of problems im just a plain gamer..
  11. Change 0x00818315 to 0x00020010