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  1. someone also recommend amazon... what do u think about it.
  2. Hello, what are the recommend hosting for ragnarok. can handle 10k players.. thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, i am a linux user for the past year until year 2016 i am playing ro in my linux baby but now it always failed to connect in the server. when i play a ragnarok that have gepard protection. but last year i can play it well, without problem. i can patch the client now and run the game. the problem is after login my account. it always says failed to connect from the server. if you guys have the same problem. lets seek for solution for this. thank you for reading . i also have a hint that the problem is in the dll or maybe the wine cant read some files inside the folder. thats why they always said failed to connect. .
  4. Mr FUnctor

    Good day sir, i would like to ask if gerpard protection security cant be played anymore in linux OS? 
    i can open and the client until login screen, the problem now is, you cant login the account, it says "failed to connect from to the server". 
    Thank you for reading. 
    God Bless

  5. i dont want to use harmony. i want to create my own security inside the game. thank you.
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