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  1. NakedWolf

    help me pls why im add vip but it show 600 %

    rathena\conf\battle\player.conf //=================================== // VIP system //=================================== // Storage slot increase. Setting to 0 will disable. // Give more storage slots above the MIN_STORAGE limit. // Note: MIN_STORAGE + vip_storage_increase cannot exceed MAX_STORAGE. // Default: 300 vip_storage_increase: 300 // Base experience rate increase. Setting to 0 will disable. (Note 2) // Default: 50 vip_base_exp_increase: 50 // Job experience rate increase. Setting to 0 will disable. (Note 2) // Default: 50 vip_job_exp_increase: 50 // Experience penalty rate multiplier for VIP accounts. // Default: 100 (100 = 1% penalty) vip_exp_penalty_base: 0 vip_exp_penalty_job: 0 // Zeny penalty for VIP accounts. // Zeny loss only happens if the player dies from another player. // Default: 0 (100 = 1% penalty) vip_zeny_penalty: 0 // Battle Manual experience increase. Setting to 0 will disable. // - Regular/Thick Battle Manual: 50+(50/X) = 75% // - HE Battle Manual: 100+(100/X) = 150% // - Battle Manual x3: 200+(200/X) = 300% // Note: X is the config value. // Default: 2 vip_bm_increase: 2 // Item drop increase. Setting to 0 will disable. // Note: 50 = 50% item_drop increase. // For item_rate = 200: 200 * 50 / 100 = 100 bonus rate added to the 200 base giving total rate of 300. // Default: 50 vip_drop_increase: 50 // Gemstone requirement. // Can the VIP Group ignore Gemstone requirement for skills? // 0 = Disable // 1 = Behave like Mistress Card // 2 = Remove all gemstone requirements (default) vip_gemstone: 2 // Will display rate information (EXP, Drop, and Death penalty message)? (Note 1) vip_disp_rate: yes did u try to check this.
  2. NakedWolf

    Nidhoggur's Nest with out doing quest

    thank you.. @Haruka Mayumi it solved the my request
  3. can some one edit this script in a way that player with party can just talk to the gatekeeper and activate the instance with out undergoing any process. like player with his party member warps to the gate keeper and the party leader talks and activates the dungeon and they warp in it would will be really help full. Thank you. NydhoggsNest.txt
  4. BUMP. please help thank you
  5. i tried using the GoldRoom PVP 1.1v //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Gold Room Battle //===== By =================================================== //= llchrisll //===== Version ============================================== //= 1.0 - Initial Version //= 1.1 - Fixed bugs and tested // Exchanged "atcommand @cleanmap" with script command "cleanmap" //===== Tested With ========================================= //= rAthena SQL 07/16-2017 Revision //===== Description ========================================== //= A battle over an gold room, which occures on every ".delay" days. // Players can visit their gold room for ".dur" minutes, there is no delay restriction. // See 'OnInit' for config. //===== Comments ============================================= //= Request by Paulinds // //============================================================ prontera,164,172,4 script Gold Room Battle 100,{ mes .n$; mes "Hello,"+ strcharinfo(0)+"."; mes "How may I help you?"; if(getgmlevel() > .gm) if(select("- GM Menu:- Player Menu") - 2) goto GM_M; mes "Do you need information about the access to the Gold Room or about the Gold Room Battle?"; if(.timer == .delay) mes "Or do you want to participate?"; mes "The next battle will be in "+ (.delay-.timer) +" day(s)."; next; switch(select("- "+( ($gold_acc == getcharid(3))?"Warp to Gold Room":"Ownership")+":- "+( (.GRB_Room == 1)?"Battle!!!":"Room Closed")+":- Information:- Nevermind") ) { case 1: mes .n$; if($gold_acc && ($gold_acc == getcharid(3)) ) { mes "Do you want to enter the Gold Room?"; mes "^FF0000Note: You'll be automatically warped back to your Save Point after "+.dur+" minutes.^000000"; if(select("- Yes:- No") - 1) close; next; mes .n$; mes "Okay, here we go."; close2; warp .gold$,.gold_x,.gold_y; sleep2( .dur*60*1000 ); // Minutes*60 > Seconds*1000 = Milliseconds required for sleep2 doevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDone"; } else if($gold_acc != getcharid(3)) mes "The current owner is ^00FF00"+$gold_n$+"^000000."; break; case 2: mes .n$; if(!.GRB_Room) { mes "I'm sorry, but the battle isn't open yet."; close; } if(getmapusers(.pvp$) >= .limit) { mes "I'm sorry, but the limit of "+.limit+" player has been reached."; close; } mes "Do you want to join the Gold Room Battle?"; if(select("- Yes:- No") - 1) close; next; mes .n$; mes "I will warp you now to the battlefield."; close2; warp .pvp$,0,0; set @gold,1; sleep2 2000; if(getmapusers(.pvp$) == .limit) doevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBattleStart"; break; case 3: mes .n$; mes "[ === Battle === ]"; mes "The Gold Room Battle is, like the name says, an pvp-type event where the last one to survive will be rewarded with access to his/her own Gold Room until the next battle."; mes "The whole event has a max duration of "+.min+" minutes."; mes "There can up to "+.limit+" players to battle with an registration time of 3 minutes."; mes "The next battle is in "+.delay +" days after the last one."; mes " "; mes "[ === Gold Room === ]"; mes "The winner of an battle can visit his/her gold room in this "+.delay+" days for "+.dur+" minutes and always."; mes "That means there are no restrictions in usage."; break; case 4: break; } end; GM_M: next; mes .n$; mes "What now?"; if(select("- Start/Stop Event:- Nevermind") - 1) close; next; if(.GRB_Eve) doevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnDisable"; else doevent strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnPrepare"; mes .n$; mes "The event has turned "+ ( (.GRB_Eve)?"off":"on")+"."; close; OnPCLogoutEvent: if(getcharid(3) != $gold_acc) end; OnDone: cleanmap .gold$,88,111,168,191; warp "SavePoint",0,0; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if( (strcharinfo(3) == .pvp$ && [email protected]) || (strcharinfo(3) == .gold$ && getcharid(3) != $gold_acc) ) { dispbottom .n$+": I'll warp you back to your savepoint because either you tried to join the battle, though you didn't register first or you tried to visit the gold room of another player."; warp "SavePoint",0,0; end; } while(getmapusers(.gold$) != 0) { makeitem 969,1,.gold$,rand(88,111),rand(168,191); sleep2 1000; } cleanmap .gold$,88,111,168,191; end; OnPrepare: set .timer,.delay*60*24; OnMinute00: set .timer,.timer + 1; if( (.timer/60)/24 >= .delay) { if(getmapusers(.pvp$) > 0) { mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": I will warp you all back to prontera, because I need this map for the Gold Room Battle.",bc_all; sleep 5000; mapwarp .pvp$,"prontera",150,180; } set .timer,0; set $gold_acc,0; announce .n$+": The gold room battle will begin shortly!!!",bc_all; sleep 10000; announce .n$+": You have 3 minutes to register, which starts now!!!",bc_all; initnpctimer; set .GRB_Eve,1; set .GRB_Room,1; if(getmapflag(.pvp$,mf_gvg) == 1) { set .gvg,1; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_gvg; } if(getmapflag(.pvp$,mf_pvp) == 1) { set .pvp,1; pvpoff .pvp$; } while(.GRB_Room) { waitingroom "Current Fighters: "+getmapusers(.pvp$),0; sleep 2000; delwaitingroom; } } end; OnTimer120000: // 2 Minutes announce .n$+": Hurry guys, 1 minute left!!!!",bc_all; end; Ontimer180000: // 3 Minutes OnBattleStart: stopnpctimer; set .GRB_Room,0; announce .n$+": Registration closed, let's see how many have registered....",bc_all; sleep 10000; if(getmapusers(.pvp$) < 2) { announce .n$+": It seems like there are not enough players to start the battle.",bc_all; goto OnDisable; } setmapflag .pvp$,mf_noreturn; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_nowarpto; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_nowarp; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_noteleport; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_nosave; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_nomemo; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_partylock; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_pvp_noparty; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_pvp_noguild; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_loadevent; announce .n$+": There are "+getmapusers(.pvp$)+" players registered.",bc_all; sleep 5000; announce .n$+": I will start the battle in 10 seconds!! Particpants, prepare yourself!! I also wish you good luck all!!",bc_all; sleep 5000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": 5 seconds left!!!",bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": 4 seconds left!!!",bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": 3 seconds left!!!",bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": 2 seconds left!!!",bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": 1 seconds left!!!",bc_all; sleep 1000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": GO !!!!",bc_all; pvpon .pvp$; startnpctimer; set .t_ck,0; // Timer Check end; OnTimer360000: // 3 Min = 180 seconds (Registration Time) + each min = 60 seconds > 360000 milliseconds stopnpctimer; set .t_ck,.t_ck + 1; if(.t_ck == .min/2) { mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": "+.min/2+" minutes have passed!!",bc_all; if(getmapusers(.pvp$) == 0) { sleep 10000; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": Huh?! Where did the players disappear to? Since there are none, I will end the battle.",bc_all; goto OnDisable; } } else if(.t_ck == .min) { mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": "+.min+" minutes have passed!! Since no one has won this battle, I will end this battle!!",bc_all; goto OnDisable; } setnpctimer 180100; // Reseting the timer back to after the registration time has passed startnpctimer; end; OnDisable: set .GRB_Room,0; delwaitingroom; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_noreturn; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_nowarpto; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_nowarp; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_noteleport; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_nosave; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_nomemo; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_partylock; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_pvp_noparty; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_pvp_noguild; removemapflag .pvp$,mf_loadevent; if(.gvg) { set .gvg,0; setmapflag .pvp$,mf_gvg; } if(!.pvp) pvpoff .pvp$; else set .pvp,0; announce .n$+": The event, Gold Room Battle, has ended!!!",bc_all; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": You all will be warped in 10 seconds back to prontera.",bc_all; sleep 10000; mapwarp .pvp$,"prontera.gat",150,180; set .GRB_Eve,0; end; OnPCKillEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) != .pvp$ || [email protected] ) end; mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": "+strcharinfo(0)+" has killed "+rid2name(killedrid)+"!!",bc_all; end; OnPCDieEvent: if(strcharinfo(3) != .pvp$ || [email protected] ) end; if(killerrid != getcharid(3)) dispbottom .n$+": You have been killed by "+rid2name(killerrid)+"!!"; set @gold,0; sleep2 500; warp "SavePoint",0,0; sleep2 1500; // Slowing down the script if(HP == 0) atcommand "@alive"; percentheal 50,50; if(getmapusers(.pvp$) == 2) mapannounce .pvp$,.n$+": Wuhu!! Only 2 players remain, let's see who is the better player!!",bc_all; else if(getmapusers(.pvp$) == 1) { announce .n$+": The winner of the Gold Room Battle is "+ rid2name(killerrid)+".",bc_all; set $gold_acc,killerrid; // Saving RID of the winner set $gold_n$,rid2name($gold_acc); detachrid; if(attachrid($gold_acc) == 1) dispbottom .n$+": You have won the Gold Room Battle, if you want to enter your Gold Room, please talk to me."; goto OnDisable; } else if(getmapusers(.pvp$) == 0) goto OnDisable; end; OnInit: set .n$,"["+strnpcinfo(1)+"]"; // NPC Name set .limit,10; // Max Players set .min,15; // Battle Duration set .pvp$,"guild_vs5"; // Map for the PvP Room set .gold$,"new_zone04"; // Map for the Gold Room set .gold_x,100; // X Coordinate for the Gold Room where to be warped to set .gold_y,181; // Y Coordinate for the Gold Room where to be warped to // If the PvP Map is not the same as the Gold Room Map, // use special mapflags and sets variable to disinguish set .diff,0; if(.pvp$ != .gold$) { setmapflag .gold$,mf_noreturn; setmapflag .gold$,mf_nowarp; setmapflag .gold$,mf_nomemo; setmapflag .gold$,mf_nosave; setmapflag .gold$,mf_nowarpto; setmapflag .gold$,mf_noteleport; setmapflag .gold$,mf_loadevent; set .diff,1; } set .delay,2; // Delay in days in which interval the battle will be hold. set .dur,1;// Gold Room Visit in minutes end; } and i found a error on my console how to fix this error. and how to make this event happen every 2 hours.
  6. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    @AinsLord FOR EXAMPLE: diff --git a/conf/battle/feature.conf b/conf/battle/feature.conf index cf26b9b..8bc79ac 100644 --- a/conf/battle/feature.conf +++ b/conf/battle/feature.conf @@ -78,3 +78,27 @@ feature.attendance: off // Private Airship System (Note 1) // Requires: 2018-03-21aRagexeRE or later feature.privateairship: off + +// Extended Vending System [Lilith] +// Enable or disable extended vending system? (Note 1) +extended_vending: on + +// Enable show broadcas info when player click vending board (Note 1) +show_broadcas_info: on + +// Show currency's name in vending board? (Note 1) +show_item_vending: on + +// Show more info about buying? (Note 1) +ex_vending_info: on + +// Easycore Feature +// Send a Vending Report to mailbox/rodex vendor? (Note 1) +// Set the variable 'NOVREPORT' for avoid mails to a player +ex_vending_report: on + +// Item ID for Zeny. Set to 0 if you don't want use Zeny. +item_zeny: 30000 + +// Item ID for Cash. Set to 0 if you don't want use Cash. +item_cash: 30001 diff --git a/conf/battle/feature.conf b/conf/battle/feature.conf do you see thin line on the top. you will find this on about each paragraph. ex: find that file in your trunk >conf/battle/feature and + mean add line start given with + at front for EXAMPLE: feature.privateairship: off + +// Extended Vending System [Lilith] +// Enable or disable extended vending system? (Note 1) fine the line feature.privateairship: off " below the line add " // Extended Vending System [Lilith] (dont forget to remove the plus at front). // Enable or disable extended vending system? (Note 1) - means delete the line which already exists there ------------------------------------------- note: if your using a old rAthena trunk you wont fine cpp or hpp u will find only cp and hp i think this should help you understand how to do it thank you.
  7. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Do you have an warnings when you compile or any console errors or warning ?
  8. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Video unavilable
  9. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    What do you mean by store could you provide some screenshots ?
  10. NakedWolf

    [Showcase] Extended Check Equip

    Ar you gonna release it ??
  11. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Welcome, have a geart day.
  12. NakedWolf

    3rd time incorrect password issue

    sir i have already tried to replace them with my website still no difference sir
  13. hello,sir/madam am using 2015-11-04aRagexe and i have diffed with recommended NEMO diff as well i just noticed today when i try to enter incorrect password 3 time or more it displays a message in Chinese letters and then it minimizes the client and lead to a website how do i stop this from happening ??? is there possible way to redirect the webpage . or disable it. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  14. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    1st problem: you need to add item description in client silde folder. System/iteminfo.lua
  15. NakedWolf

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    Most diff are like this coz of rathena version changes from each ppl i guess and server source edits Use notepad ++ and use option "move to other view so you can do it side by side