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Community Answers

  1. am using the latest rAthena when using @reload battleconf i get this warning
  2. thank you for the Reply @chatterboy and i also had to add skills in skill_tree.txt to solve it (Thank you @Haruka Mayumi) SOLVED
  3. How to fix this ...??? CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `E-Inquiry` ( `ID` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `Sender_ID` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', `Sender_Name` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', `Title` text, `Message` text, `Status` tinyint(2) NOT NULL default '0', `Inquiry_Time` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `Reply` text, `Reply_Time` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `Reply_Name` varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM MySQL said: #1067 - Invalid default value for 'Inquiry_Time' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLVED by disabling sql strict mode (NO_ZERO_DATE.)
  4. how to fix this error ,Using latest rAthena
  5. @CyberDevil that fixed the problem.../no1
  6. provide the script which you are using so some can check what the issue
  7. by default its character based how to make it account based
  8. hello, how to add base level check to get solopack like grater than or equal to 90blvl. thank you
  9. Hello sir/masam Am requesting for a script, If the player is hunting more than 5 hours (total combat time)the exp and drop reduces by 50% if it exceeds more than 7 hours exp and drop is reduced by 90% And it resets every 24 hours . Charact based.(not account based) If the player is in town/field/dungeon, with out hunting the combat time wont be calculated it will be paused. Even if the character logout and login the combat time will continue it only resets every 24 hours
  10. Hello i tried to create the table in sql and am its giving error Was solved reason was sql strict mode
  11. This sir this quest will be character based rite not account based rite ? Thank you
  12. @Emistry sir how to add 24 hours delay for each chained quest1,(u have completed today quest please come back tomorrow) so they can continue quest 2
  13. how to make the kafras only have save option (no storage no guild storage no etc.)
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