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  1. change line 3 mes "It costs "+.Cost[1]+"x "+getitemname(.Cost[0])+" to play."; then replace line 4 for with your if condition for zeny.
  2. Did you change your mmo.h? and recompiled? packet_ver should be 26
  3. From what I know, item_db.sql is needed if you are going to add feature such as "item search" maybe in fluxcp.
  4. This is great Bravo!
  5. checkweight(<item id>,<amount>) checkweight("<item name>",<amount>) Reference: http://rathena.org/wiki/Checkweight prontera.gat,163,185,4 script Cenverter 83,{ set @name$,"[^FF0000Converter^000000]"; mes @name$; mes "What do you want to do?"; next; switch(select("Information","Convert")) { case 1: mes @name$; mes "I can convert your Coupon/s into Berry and vice versa."; mes "1 Coupon = 500 Berry"; close; case 2: switch(select("Coupon to Berry","Berry to Coupon")) { case 1: if (checkweight(607,500) == 0 ) goto overWeight; if (countitem(7073) < 1) goto noCoupon; mes @name$; mes "How many coupon to berries?"; input .@num; if (countitem(7073 < .@num){ mes @name$; mes "Insufficient coupon!"; close; }else { delitem 7037,.@num; getitem 607,.@num*500; mes @name$; mes "There you go. Hope to see you again!"; close; } case 2: if (checkweight(7073,1) == 0 ) goto overWeight; if (countitem(500) < 1) goto noBerry; mes @name$ mes "How many berries to coupon?"; input .@num2; if (countitem(607) < .@num2){ mes @name$; mes "Insufficient berries!"; close; }else { delitem 607,.@num2*500; getitem 7037,.@num; mes @name$; mes "There you go. Hope to see you again!"; close; } } end; } noBerry: mes @name$; mes "I'm Sorry but you don't have enough berries."; close; noCoupon: mes @name$; mes "I'm Sorry you don't have enough coupon"; close; overWeight: mes @name$; mes "Sorry you're overweight."; close; }
  6. I can see 2 solutions here: 1. Diff your own client, so you can choose which type of font will be displayed 2. Maybe langtype affects this.
  7. correct! It is just good for extracting GRF file. What I did is: - Use GRF Builder to build GRF - GRF Tool for extracting GRF
  8. Base from your topic used in as reference, it was said that its a animation delay. And I think its client side problem (im not that sure). What client version are you using?
  9. @nanakiwurtz you're right.. editted now..
  10. Which webhost are you using? Turn off PHP safe mode. Its best if you have authority to configure your php.ini http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/119/turning-off-php-safe-mode-on-your-server
  11. I've the same problem, any fixes?OS: Windows Vista Try Using GRF Tool from here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=download_tool It works well for me..
  12. I assume that you get the your diiffed client "RAthena" from "Basic RAthena Client" You have said: Why diff it? the client is already diffed. Here is the guide to create your own diffed client: http://supportmii.com/ro1/JudasBible.pdf Use this tool as well: Shin's Diff Patcher Note: Dont patch with Read Data folder first and load lua before lub
  13. getpartymember <party_id>{,<type>}; Reference: getpartymember
  14. Someone has stolen some art