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  1. Hi, i downloaded the current version of rAthena, and i diff the exe that it's supposed to listen to the server, which is 2020-04-01. I really don't know if i diffed it wrong or it's not reallly supported by this current version of rAthena, but i'm not able to use hotkeys or change my langtype/servicetype. (Im looking for exes from 2019-04-18 to the current one) so the new skill animations show up in my server. Like i said, whenever i change something on ''servicetype'' or ''langtype'' disconnect from the server appears after a long time of waiting... So my question is, are those exes from 2019-04-18 supported ? and if so, what i'm doing wrong that i can't even change clientinfo or sclientinfo? (i really don't know which one i need to use, so i edited them both) lol. Thanks in advance Edit : I noticed something strange. As i said i cannot use any of my keys or type any command on my server, but... i was with dummy eggs in prontera, and i hit the egg while i had ''lol'' on written on my chat. And it did sent the message. Don't know if this is an important thing but... i just wanted to give more details of my problem.
  2. i've been looking for a script that kicks you out of the server JUST if you got 2 chars from the same IP on the same map. I tried lots of scripts but most of them didn't work or they just kicked a char regardless if the other one wasn't there. For example, i set a merchant with @autotrade, and i went to the map that was supposed not to be allowed to double log-in, and it kicks me. I'm not using shields like gepard or harmony btw. Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Thank u so much Guys ! i did what you said and it did work!
  4. thanks bro , but i used your script and it didn't work i went to geffen (the city that had loaded the mapflag) and i used another char to go there and they didn't even have a message or something
  5. Hi, i just have a online server and i have tested some scripts but no one of them were working , and there are some people using their accounts to get 2 rewards instead of 1 on BG and WoE. I tested an npc that ''did'' the job, but it was checking merchants with autotrade, so the owners of those accounts needed to kick'em out to go to WoE and BG. And also it was checking the fact that an user was logged with 2 accounts, i mean , the mapflag was charged in a map , let's say geffen, and i have 2 chars logged in , if one of them go to geffen , will be automatically kicked out of the map without having the other one on geffen too. So i would like to know if you guys have a npc that kicks double accounts just on the same map. (I'm using latest version). Thanks in advance
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