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  1. KoriAK

    Coming Back

    I'm back a ready to start my new journey with everyone who going to come with me.
  2. KoriAK


    I can't seem to figure this out, they can login, but can't get to the char server. But im able to login get to the char server and map. same client and everything what could be the problem.
  3. KoriAK


    I’m back my smaxy people
  4. KoriAK


    thank you very munch
  5. can you send me the npc script your using i could look to so if the code is somewhere mess up.
  6. KoriAK

    OS Easy to Setup

    Me i would go with a old version of ubuntu 14.04 64bit or centos 6.5 64bit but it always up to the user, on how much or little work they want to go with.
  7. KoriAK


    A long hiatus has happen with me, and ragnarok im happy to see its coming back, im not sure what i may or may not do but i miss all of you.
  8. Im back, its been the most longest time away from rathena.

  9. Hi

    Im back and just that more awesome

  10. Yay, Happy days for us again
  11. in the addon, did you guys check to see if the theme folder in the addon is name the same as your theme.
  12. Hoping thing to go right.

  13. Very true, but then you need to take in to it, can he afford website hosting or not.
  14. try this its in the rathena wiki https://rathena.org/wiki/Installation_on_Windows or this https://rathena.org/wiki/Installation_(CentOS)
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