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  1. Map Crash/Restarting on Endless Tower

    Yes,I'm using official Endless Tower i download it on github of Rathena. May i request for a new Endless Tower.
  2. Map Crash/Restarting on Endless Tower

    HI anyone please help me.... Just crashing whenever the npc creating ang instance. Thanks
  3. Status Slash( / ) commands

    Ow i see the last time that i know is only /str <number>. but now /str+ <number> with "+" Thanks by the way i'll try this later or maybe tomorrow
  4. Status Slash( / ) commands

    Yes exactly using their remaining Stats Points
  5. Hi guys may i know how to put a / commands? i just wanna use /str <number> then put the status point on STRENGTH whatever the number is. Thanks
  6. Stable 2017 Client for Pre-Re

    Question: Is the RE Client are good to use even your SERVER is PRE-RE? Thanks in advance
  7. Stable 2017 Client for Pre-Re

    Sorry for the duplicate threads. Lesson Learned. Warm Regards, Nerks
  8. Understanding Simple Sample Dynamic Shop

    Thank you so much @Skorm
  9. Good day, May i request for a 2017 Stable Client as of today. Thanks in advance..
  10. Prize Giver NPC

    The simplest thing to do is VIA RODEX.
  11. Understanding Simple Sample Dynamic Shop

    Yes i know that NPC but i can't figure it out heheheee. I need some very simple dynamic shop..
  12. Hi can i request for a sample quest item a very very simple dynamic shop. Thanks po.
  13. Prize Giver NPC

    why don't you try the sending Mail function
  14. @Z3R0 may i ask a question. what is the "?" all about on this code set([email protected]$, ( [email protected]$ = "" ? "" : ":" ) + getitemname(.exchange_ids[[email protected]_index]) + "(" + @inventorylist_amount[[email protected]] + ")");