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  1. delete the '.svn' folder in your desktop...take note its hidden you must alter your settings for you to able to see it and delete..
  2. hmm..seems you need to double check all your modifications..
  3. how about trans RK? dragon RK? baby RK? did you set them all? and it seems that you used trans RK and you only set 4054 which is normal RK....
  4. because you missed something in your skill_tree_db.txt
  5. potion and skill bonuses for aspd is highly dependent on your agi..more agi&dex you have the greater aspd bonus it increases...
  6. either... but if you're referring to general skill casting..use Mootie suggestion/answer
  7. check skill_castnodex_db.txt
  8. because the skill you use belongs to a skill that ignores stat reduction...
  9. https://rathena.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rathena/trunk/src/config/core.h
  10. disable official walkpath..if your between an obstacle you can only do no more than 14 walk path cells beyond that you cannot go to that cell... its an npc problem..you must change close to end if your using a script without dialog..because its more appropriate to use end than close..
  11. very simple just add it...or update your server..
  12. no the problem is the client we used..sakray client don't have it...
  13. make the skill type BF_MISC for it not to be reducible...and modify its skillratio damage @ battle_calc_misc_attack
  14. ito ang karamihang problema sa pinas eh.. anung ISP mo? kung Smart yan...pero sorry di pwede Hamachi lang tanging paraan...
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