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  1. Need assistance! See my config.borf.json { "resolution" : [ 1680, 1050 ], "data" : { "ropath" : "C:\kRO", "grfs" : [ "C:\kRO\data.grf" ] }, "moveconsole" : true, "defaultmap" : "prontera" } still cant use Browedit 2.0
  2. @checkmate sorry bro... maybe you have to look on them manually... Just a suggestion there might be a reason why KRO didn't officially merge those item sprite on their files. Just like this c_angel_fluttering costume, what I notice is when you wear it, it causes trouble with your HP/SP bar.
  3. It depends, For Renewal Server Config: - For Pre-Renewal Server Config: -
  4. We already given you the solution, then why insist to search for another? All you need to do is to download the GRF below then extract it on your data folder using grf tool then use a grf builder to recreate your GRF then all is well. If you are lazy to do the above instructions just download the GRF then put it on your ragnarok folder, edit your data.ini then insert it. (mic drop) LoL. DATA.ini 0=yourgrf.grf 1=C_Angel_Fluttering.grf 2=rdata.grf 3=data.grf
  5. I love the idea/concept. Really nice! LOOKING FORWARD ON THIS: - An enhance pvp match making feature wherein (this x level can only be match with the same level) This will surely kill the main char feeding.
  6. Your so lucky dude! Check this out..
  7. AndRO was a paid service and its basically on the client side so most probably NO. There is a possibility but I don't think someone will spend his time for that particular idea.
  8. As I reviewed the item_bonus.txt, this is impossible. Unless you have knowledge on programming to create your own item bonus.
  9. You don't have to. Just download the available data folder from Git. Try to browse this.
  10. Dude not in a million years... Request Void! Try to put some time and effort, you will succeed!
  11. Yes you can really sell this stuff right after you had modified it well. but.... IMO, if you are really after on this project you need to spend a lot time and effort for you to succeed . Well, Goodluck!
  12. The guide quest title goes like this (the blue one beside galapago) "Welcome, Third Generation of Ragnarok" "We will help you on your novice adventure."
  13. same with me time really flies bro >.< Client Recommendation: - you can use anything bro even the latest supported unpacked client. (A great warm up for a comeback haha) Purchasing GePard: - pm Functor to avoid getting scammed Meteor Storm Bug: - Lol dude a hearsay will remain a hearsay unless you tried it. The spirit of rAthena really leaves your head. Philippine Hosting: - that's a f****** suicide dude.
  14. I have also the latest client version but nothing was wrong with berries and herb sound. I don't think so. It works on me. Heres my replay try to check Herbs and Berries.rrf
  15. All you need to do is include those files on your GRF.
  16. Hi Guys, Who already configured this one? I had done browsing all the quest related stuff on my server and client side but I can't find this one. I have the capability to translate what is written on the image but I can't really find it on my files.
  17. Try to combine zackdreaver's data folder and Asheraf's translation. I solve it that way.
  18. Issue has been resolved! Client data adjustment.
  19. I had seen this kind of issue somewhere and as far as I can remember, you need to save the msgstringtable in the correct encoding of whatever langtype you used on your client. BTW where did you get/based your data folder?
  20. IMO: This is an incompatibility issue within your client. Try using higher client ver./release.
  21. Hi Guys, Anyone who's familiar with this character creation issue? Your help is greatly appreciated
  22. Thank you very much. My bad I forgot to edit my post. Anyways I made it work as well as with newly release client.