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  1. ok thanks. suggesting to add which type of event will be randomize before initiating.. ex: what events should be randomize? (cluckers, bombring) then it will randomize it tyia
  2. @Emistry is it possible to have non tradable items be listed on the menu of given items? I was trying to configure it however I failed
  3. having this problem on deleting. can't delete other events
  4. instance_create crashes the server constant crashes happening on my server lucky event crashes it too
  5. switch(select((([email protected] > 0)?":":" ~ Join event...:":":")+ something is wrong with that line. If you press it, it goes to "Chance of no event?";
  6. can't go out of queue. you need to logout to make it go out of queue
  7. is there a script existing that do this? i could do on sc_start SC_BOSSMAPINFO,600000,0; OnPCLoadMapEvent: but imagine the server load for it if i had to have loadevent on all maps
  8. i hope i could join your discord too
  9. odd tested it, still has dailysupply on char_reg_num (edit) nvm forgot 1 curly
  10. just for clarification, will this be repeatable every set time?
  11. requesting for all "dailysupply" in char_reg_num to be deleted on all characters every 00:00 server time
  12. query_sql "UPDATE `count` = `count` -- FROM `test`"; i wanted my script to run decrease 1 value until 0 seems im having a had time on scripting this. thanks on future replies