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  1. if you mean CUSTOM NAME only not CUSTOM MOB this script will help you - script monster_script -1,{ // "Poring (1002)" spawns on random coordinates // Fake Name is "Kill Me!" monster .map$,0,0,"Kill Me",.monster,.monster_count,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMobKilled"; // Event Configurations OnInit: set .monster,1002; // Mob ID set .monster_count,1; // Mob Count set .map$,"prontera"; // Possible map set .prize,1000; // 1000 is the item ID set .prize_amount,1; // Prize quantity end; OnMobKilled: getitem .prize,.prize_amount; // Prize of the Killer announce "[ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] has killed ["Kill Me!"] on ["$+"]",bc_map; // Broadcast the killer on current map; monster .map$,0,0,"Kill Me",.monster,.monster_count,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnMobKilled"; // The Mob will spawn again end; }
  2. I need a script that can detect items got from storage / guild storage / loot and display the item name to bottom regular chat, anyone who can help me? thanks in advance
  3. good day everyone, anyone who can help me about the script that detects player/s who helped to defeat the MVP at least 10% of the monsters HP thank you
  4. requesting MVP that spawns on random maps with custom HP and random skills to cast and also with slaves, when killed it will spawn again after 24hrs and it will announce who killed the MVP and there is a bulletin/npc which tells the player the info about the MVP either the time of death or current map of the MVP
  5. Hello and good day rAthena members and staffs, I would like to request some script for my server coz i don't know how to script the following. For the #1 request, i tried some scripts there but it end up failed and the #2 its embarrassing that i don't know how to script that one even though i know some basic scripting 1) Custom item script (EXP Boost) Script that if you use a equipment it has a 1% chance to gain 15% exp boost (like field of manual) for 10 minutes if the player killed a level 75 or higher level of monster 2) On Base Level-up Event Prevent level-up progress of a player if the player did not meet the specific requirement (if the player level 99 is going to 100, the script will prevent the player from going to level 100 if it does not meet the required kills of monster: ex. Level 100 Requirement is the following: Kill 200 monsters which level is 80 or above and the display of requirement and monster killed counter is at the bottom the "regular chat box log") Anyone can help me? thank you.
  6. PLEASE HELP ME! i'm thinking of a script that if i use the equipment it has 1% chance to boost the character EXP by 50% for 10 minutes if he killed a level 75 or higher level monster I tried several scripts but it failed.