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  1. @philfix.sai which one sir?
  2. how am i going to convert my lub files to lua? Thanks!
  3. i dont know where to get those. someone with big heart who's willing to share theirs? TYSM! Like these..
  4. where can i see the scripts sir?

  5. how can i add these items to my offline server? i don't know how to do it, i don't have any idea of how to add those items to my offline server. help me pls. thanks so much! (i already downloaded the files but dont know how to add them lol.) -Newbie Respect pls thanks
  6. how am i going to put these items to my offline server? i dont know how. do i need to follow the steps on youtube on how to add custom items or there is any other faster way to add these to my offline server? please reply. thank you so much! -Newbie Respect thanks.
  7. pa share nmn po ng ro server nyo na may custom items and with lotsa naruto items with akatsuki suit , hokage suit etc. lol thxsm! Respect pls no idea sa pag gawa ng server and scripting. lol
  8. Carlo

    may kakilala ka po ba na marunong gumawa ng sariling server? yung may custom items and custom gm suits like akatsuki suit etc.? if meron pm mo nmn po ako. tga san juan lng po ako. kung need ko mag bayad i will. just want to play with my own server with the stuffs i wish to have in other private servers i played. thank you :) di ko kasi ma gets kung paano e. and wala dn time. kaya kung pwde bayaran ko nlng.