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  1. tribal0306

    Body Style for Trans Classes

    how did you do it?
  2. Hello i used your script, it doesnt spawn any monsters EDIT: I FORGOT TO ADD MONSTER DATABASE LOL, ITS WORKING NOW THANKS
  3. Hello everyone, i have made a BOT Script for my server to assist players for farming. but im having "[Warning] npc_event: player's event queue is full" warning on my console when it runs after a few minutes i already tried increasing MAX_EVENTQUEUE to 100 and recompile but same problem is showing. can i get a help to optimize my script, i will release it to the community once it is done. this script uses an item that calls this function. function script F_botex { set [email protected],0; while (@i < 1) { OnUna: set @b,0; dispbottom ""[email protected]+""; @rid = getcharid(3); getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); sleep2 100; @x1 = rand(-13,13); @y1 = rand(-13,13); @x = @[email protected]; @y = @[email protected]; sleep2 100; if(!checkcell( [email protected]$,@x,@y,cell_chkpass )){ dispbottom "Coordinate not exists!"; goto OnUna; } else if(checkcell( [email protected]$,@x,@y,cell_chkpass )){ dispbottom "Coordinate exists!"; } sleep2 100; OnTwo: set @b,@b+1; viewpoint 1,@x,@y,1,0xFF0000; dispbottom "auto walking to x = "[email protected]+" y = "[email protected]; unitwalk getcharid(3),@x,@y,strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnReach"; sleep2 2000; if(@b > 5) goto OnUna; getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); if(@x != [email protected] && @y != [email protected]) goto OnTwo; sleep2 100; OnThree: unitskilluseid @rid,"WL_JACKFROST",5,@rid,-4; percentheal 100,100; sleep2 100; dispbottom "JackJack"; } }
  4. "How to make autotrade/@afk characters can be recalled and not go Invisible" Hello i have made an src modification for @afk using autotrade function. it is for characters to be able to be AFK when they use the command without vending. but from what i have seen. when you recall the AFK character it becomes invisible. how to make it so that the characters will not be invisible upon recall
  5. Does custom mercenary AI still work? how to make aggressive mercenary?
  6. tribal0306

    Invalid group id

    Copy item_package.txt from db/re folder then put it on db/pre-re
  7. tribal0306

    Hi im using 2018 client with cash shop

    where did you find the link of charge button?
  8. tribal0306

    Help with Attendance

    how did you make it work? my attendance is always saying "You are not allowed to use the attendance system."
  9. tribal0306

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    vending.cpp(384): warning C4244: '-=': conversion from 'double' to 'int', possible loss of data Should i ignore this warning?
  10. tribal0306

    Release: Extended Vending 2.0

    is autotrade compatible with this feature?
  11. Hello it says no suitable mirror servers found
  12. tribal0306

    What error is this console only

    Cause: When selling an item on vending with 1 billion price i get this error on console Note: there is no error ingame just error on console : DB error - Out of range value for column 'count1' at row 1 [Debug]: at c:\users\xxxx\desktop\rathena\src\char\int_achievement.c:136 - INS ERT INTO `achievement` (`char_id`, `id`, `completed`, `rewarded`, `count1`, `cou nt2`, `count3`, `count4`, `count5`, `count6`, `count7`, `count8`, `count9`, `cou nt10`) VALUES ('150003', '220013',FROM_UNIXTIME('1510038950'),NULL, '1000000000' , '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0')
  13. Remove shield chain inside 'static int is_attack_piercing' lines
  14. Githash: e7e9cf6d7333345d0e11d9f0bf9f1badb6ff3cd9 06 nk (skill damage properties): // 0x01 - No damage skill // 0x02 - Has splash area // 0x04 - Damage should be split among targets // 0x08 - Skill ignores caster's % damage cards (misc type always ignores) // 0x10 - Skill ignores elemental adjustments // 0x20 - Skill ignores target's defense (misc type always ignores) // 0x40 - Skill ignores target's flee (magic type always ignores) // 0x80 - Skill ignores target's def cards Skills: Soul Destroyer Cart Termination Bulls Eye Throw Venom Knife Wall of Thorns Can be affected by turtle general card even if its set to nk = 0x08 on pre-renewal