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  1. Why not just use Euphy quest shop npc? It's practically what you want. Just add in the checkweight and progressbar yourself.
  2. I will soon post a new Disassembler NPC, which should be much cleaner and easier to control. Haven't been posting alot due to a project of mine.
  3. Just apply the diff patch. Applied it to my server without any issues.
  4. Check your console when you make kills. Post any errors here.
  5. Looking forward for the Android support. Hopefully it comes with encryption.
  6. Project: Isekai We are currently looking for an individual who can: Create basic NPC dialogues (no coding experience required, we will teach you how to create a basic npc) - Your work will be used for filler NPCs in a whole new vast world of Ragnarok. Follow the core concept of the project and create NPC dialogue that is engaging and is able to direct players to certain "events" within this new world. Optional: Be able to create simple, yet informative wiki pages. To be able to apply, you must have the following: Good command of the English language (Optional: second/third/fourth/etc language) Be able to create ideas and concepts for the project What's in it for you? You get to work in a very broad and open-ended project Have your work be exposed to other Ragnarok Online players and enthusiast when the project officially enters "Alpha" stage Be part of a great team that only has great love for the game Some F.A.Q If you are interested, please contact me here, via Discord or email me at Discord: Rin#2605 Discord Invite: Email: [email protected] P.S We also have a private Trello Board, but this is only accessible by official members!
  7. announce "MVP ("+ getmonsterinfo(killedrid,MOB_NAME)+") killed by '"+ strcharinfo(0) +"' from party '"+ strcharinfo(1) +"' in '"+strcharinfo(3)+"'.",bc_yellow|bc_all; announce "MVP ("+ getmonsterinfo(killedrid,MOB_NAME)+") killed by '"+ strcharinfo(0) +"' in '"+strcharinfo(3)+"'.",bc_yellow|bc_all;
  8. I would like to change the job class names to different ones, how is it possible? I can not find it in msgstring.txt it seems.
  9. I don't know if it'll help but that's what I usually use when ripping out map files and their associated files.
  10. soundeffect "welcome.wav", 0; ---- sleep2 500 ---- mes("Welcome to the Kafra Corporation. Kafra's Employees are always ready to serve you. How can I help you today?"); next(); switch(select("Storage:Bye")) { case 1: mes("Blablabla?"); next; break; case 2: mes("See you later."); break; } soundeffect "bye.wav", 0; close(); } sleep2 after welcome wav should give you more than sufficient time
  11. Yes. *instance_announce <instance id>,"<text>",<flag>{,<fontColor>{,<fontType>{,<fontSize>{,<fontAlign>{,<fontY>}}}}}; Broadcasts a message to all players in the <instance id> currently residing on an instance map. If 0 is specified for <instance id>, the instance the script is attached to is used. Everything usually defaults to the instance the script is attached.
  12. [email protected],155,51,5 script Captain#prelud 10180,6,6,{ end; OnTouch: 'player = getcharid(3); message strcharinfo(0),"You will now be watching the battle between Adventurers and Baphomet!"; sleep2 500; showscript "Troops! Let's head out!",getnpcid(0); sleep2 3000; warp instance_mapname("[email protected]"),155,185; sleep2 1000; end; pre_instance = 1; donpcevent "PreInstance#ctl::OnControl"; end; } [email protected],152,49,5 script Guard#prelu1 417,{ end; } [email protected],152,47,5 duplicate(Guard#prelu1) Guard#prelu5 417 [email protected],152,45,5 duplicate(Guard#prelu1) Guard#prelu6 417 [email protected],158,49,5 duplicate(Guard#prelu1) Guard#prelu2 417 [email protected],158,47,5 duplicate(Guard#prelu1) Guard#prelu3 417 [email protected],158,45,5 duplicate(Guard#prelu1) Guard#prelu4 417 [email protected],1,1,0 script PreInstance#ctl 123,{ end; OnControl: sleep 1000; donpcevent "Prontera Knight#dum1::OnTalk"; instance_announce 0,"1",1; sleep 600; donpcevent "Prontera Knight#dum2::OnTalk"; instance_announce 0,"2",1; sleep 600; donpcevent "Prontera Knight#dum3::OnTalk"; instance_announce 0,"3",1; sleep 600; donpcevent "Baphomet#dum4::OnTalk"; instance_announce 0,"4",1; sleep 600; goto OnMonsterSpawn; end; OnMonsterSpawn: hideonnpc "Prontera Knight#dum1"; hideonnpc "Prontera Knight#dum2"; hideonnpc "Prontera Knight#dum3"; hideonnpc "Baphomet#dum4"; end; sleep 150; monster instance_mapname("[email protected]"),151,188,"Prontera Knight",1002,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnGuardDeath"; 'pk_1 = [email protected][1]; monster instance_mapname("[email protected]"),155,188,"Prontera Knight",1002,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnGuardDeath"; 'pk_2 = [email protected][1]; monster instance_mapname("[email protected]"),159,188,"Prontera Knight",1002,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnGuardDeath"; 'pk_3 = [email protected][1]; monster instance_mapname("[email protected]"),156,192,"Baphomet",1003,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBaphoDeath"; 'bp_1 = [email protected][1]; sleep 50; unitattack 'pk_1,'bp_1; unitattack 'pk_2,'bp_1; unitattack 'pk_3,'bp_1; sleep 3000; unitattack 'bp_1,'pk_2; sleep 300; unitattack 'bp_1,'pk_3; sleep 300; unitattack 'bp_1,'pk_1; end; OnGuardDeath: 'death++; if('death == 3){ attachrid('player); warp "agogo",0,0; party_destroy(getcharid(1)); instance_destroy; } end; OnBaphoDeath: end; } /* dummies */ [email protected],151,188,5 script Prontera Knight#dum1 123,{ end; OnTalk: npctalk "This is it, we're the only remaining force..."; end; OnAction: end; } [email protected],155,188,5 script Prontera Knight#dum2 123,{ end; OnTalk: npctalk "At arms! We die today, so others can flee this terror!"; end; OnAction: end; } [email protected],159,188,5 script Prontera Knight#dum3 123,{ end; OnTalk: npctalk "Is the evacuation even finished? We must hold this demon back!"; end; OnAction: end; } [email protected],155,192,5 script Baphomet#dum4 124,{ end; OnTalk: npctalk "Insignificant fools! Do you really think you can stop me?!"; end; OnAction: end; }
  13. [email protected],1,1,0 script PreInstance#ctl 123,{ end; OnControl: sleep 1000; donpcevent instance_npcname("Prontera Knight#dum1::OnTalk"); instance_announce 0,"1",1; No typo on my end.