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  1. Is there a new guide for creating a new skill by using YAML? I have a custom skill diff however unsure on how to apply it with the skill database changes. My diff is from the skill_db.txt era.
  2. Pay? You pretty much have the solution right there. Nobody would do that kind of edit for free, good luck on finding one that's free.
  3. Aside from the long waits, the quality of the products are top-notch. I highly recommend Haziel as he is one of the best, if not the best in terms of sprite-related work for RO. Only reason why I downgraded the star is due to the wait times, but aside from that everything is quality. Would buy again regardless.
  4. As the title suggests, I wanted to create a time-gated title reward for an achievement. For instance, 1 week of "MvP Hunter" title or top MVP Hunter for that week. Is it possible to do so?
  5. All I want from Desperado is that GS doesn't get grilled from reflected damage. How do I edit this, didn't meant to post this, I thought I was editing previous post :x Fixed with adding a skill check under battle_calc_return_damage Credit to Mabuhay to pointing out the Land Protector side of the issue
  6. I've ordered multiple times from Daifuku and she has always come up with one of the best graphic designs for my RO needs! She also works closely with you on what you want for your image and makes sure you are satisfied with the design. 10/10 would order again!
  7. Oh, I just saw it just now. However, the Range for Desperado is still not applicable. I tried to add Range to it somehow and it just breaks the skill.
  8. No, I believe that is how Desperado has always behaved. My issues is where can I actually change that in the new skill_db? Because before it was just a setting you could set if the skill is affected by Land Pro or not.
  9. It currently is ignored. Desperado won't hit at all if used under Land Protector.
  10. With the new changed Skill_db, how can I set desperado's range from Melee to range? It used to be just change the 4 to a 5 or something along the lines, as well as how to make it ignored by Land Protector Skill? I can't seem to find it anymore.
  11. Digital Ocean works as well. Avoid RO Hostings. 1. They'll have access to your server files 2. They'll have access to your database (passwords,etc) 3. They pretty much charge way more than a regular VPS Cloud The only time you'd want to take RO Hostings is 1. You have no clue what you're doing 2. You don't care about server security 3. You want quick and easy set up for a quick cash grab RO server
  12. This is massive, considering my project revolves around custom maps! Much appreciated!
  13. I've tried it this way as well, doesn't want to work as well, it does not want to revert back to the previous headgear's look at all.
  14. So I was testing some stuff out and found that if I use CHANGELOOK upon equipping and un-equipping, it does not want to revert back to what the player is wearing. Code is as follows { changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM,2231; },{},{ changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM,getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW); } tried the other one and still the same result ,{},{ changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM,2231; },{ changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM,getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW); } I want to know, how do I revert back to the regular headgear I am wearing after I wore the other item that changes what I am wearing.
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