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  1. SM_RECOVERY I'm creating skills and custom status, so I got to a point, that I can't find the command that checks in the source, that the bonus of the SM_RECOVERY skill, will only be delivered if the character is immobile as the description of the skill itself says. .. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Increase_HP_Recovery
  2. Nice, Thx.... close topic
  3. I don't understand you well this time @Naruto, however I know how to deal with "skill_damage_db.txt", but what I want to do is put an "if (bg)" in the "src" skills, Example 1: I want to change the time that the skill lasts "Install Trap" to last less time in the bg, and more time on normal maps, understand? Example 2: Or the percentage that the ability to throw potion will heal outside the bg and on maps ......
  4. I already understood this, however it is limited to what I want so it may be that I need to change it in the "src" Can I use "if (bg)" instead of "if (gvg)", because in skill_damage_db, you have this option ...
  5. Congratulations to the two answers, at first I was looking for something similar to the "Naruto" answer, I think it can be edited more specifically, but the "skill_damage_db.txt" mode is very simple, but I want to have the way that the "Naruto" posted, I didn't find any "if (gvg)" in my "src" documents, but is it possible to put in one of the skills of "battle.cpp" without conflict in the compilation and is this mode really functional ?? @Naruto
  6. I would like to know how you could change the damage of abilities when entering the bg maps, for example: from 200% to 100% sonic blow, from 200% to 150% "storm gust"
  7. MY DB: MY MOB_AVAIL: I use @monster 20401 and the poring appears that cannot attack ... T.T
  8. but how do I use this to show the emperium image ?? Do you know ?, I tried but I didn't succeed
  9. @Emistry i think i can't understand him properly and neither can you understand me, i'll be more specific, i don't know if you've tried using @EasyCore's Extended BG 2.0, inside the "DB" folder he put on github, contains mob_avail. txt, and uses monster IDs instead of "NAMES", as mob_avail.yml does, so what happens is the following, inside his "NPC" folder, contains bg_conquest.txt, and within that invokes the monster "Emperium ", but this Emperium is not the Standard Emperium of ragnarok, it was created by EasyCore at DB, with ID" 20402 ", but when I enter bg, his sprite is a" Poring "instead of" Emperium ", and you don’t even want to attack it because mine is not mob_avail.txt that serves as ID, but mob_avail.yml
  10. my emulator doesn't have mob_avail.text, just mob_avail.yml, I tried to adapt but I didn't have a good result, how can I put an example, CUSTOM_PORING, to appear the "Poring" sprite?
  11. Sorry, it's not just that, and this topic has already been resolved, I was lucky to find a person who helped me
  12. I can't stand seeing this message in my fluxcp anymore when I try to vote with an account, someone help me please FluxCP:https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP Addon Vote for points:
  13. at first I thought it would be a mistake, but I researched and read so many things and accumulated so many extresses for nothing I think ... when you log into an account and click on vote for points, this warning appears: No voting sites found I downloaded another addon and another warning appears now ... Vote Heading Vote Notice NoVotingSiteYet2 I checked mytheme / voteforpoints / index.php and see that "NoVotingSiteYet2" appears when no voting site is attached, can someone help me with that?
  14. can be more specific ? right, there are two things I see related to this in application.php already set to true, but when I put the security code image it disappears '-'
  15. I'm having the same problem ...
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