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  1. Is there like a video of this ? so i can see how the roulette works? Gepard/unique id support for the script?
  2. JUst tried this script with latest rAthena. I have same problem have that 'stone curse' issue.
  3. Thank you for this awesome script. I wish there was a setting for MAX Guild members so we can set (3v3,5v5,7v7) Maybe let guild members queue instead of guild leader? when it reaches minimum # then those who registered get ported inside?(gepard protection on queue setting?) It's 1 point per kill correct? Maybe last man standing setting.
  4. Thank you for this script. There seems to be a bug sometimes when killing required monsters. Lets say iv given a task to kill 400 porings. Sometimes killing 1 poring gives me 50 kill count instead of only 1 kill count. Sometimes the bug happens sometimes does not on different monsters. If you use @monster summon no bug. go to area where the mob is. Sometimes i can go 5/200 then at 6 it would suddenly become 56/200 EDIT: might have figured it out because i duplicated this npc in many areas. thats why count per kill is not correct. need to disable duplicate
  5. @Foob Tested 2 clients and it worked. Thanks. Need to try it out with another ip.
  6. - script No Multiple Client -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: set [email protected]$, strcharinfo(3); if(!compare(.tmp$,[email protected]$)) end; set [email protected], query_sql("SELECT DISTINCT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE `account_id` IN "+ "(SELECT `account_id` FROM `login` WHERE `last_unique_id` = "+ "(SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id`="+getcharid(3)+")) AND `online` <> 0;",[email protected]); if([email protected]) { for(set([email protected],0);[email protected]<[email protected];set([email protected],[email protected]+1)) { getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0,rid2name([email protected][[email protected]])); if([email protected][email protected]$&&rid2name([email protected][[email protected]])!=strcharinfo(0)) { dispbottom "Dual accounts not allowed in this Map."; warp "prontera",156,186; } } } end; OnInit: setarray .maps$ , "prtg_cas01","prtg_cas02","prtg_cas03"; set .lens , getarraysize(.maps$) ; for(set(.a,0);.a<.lens;set(.a,.a+1)) { setmapflag .maps$[.a], mf_loadevent ; set .tmp$ ,.tmp$+.maps$[.a]+","; } } Error: [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: Invalid type 0. [Debug]: Source (NPC): No Multiple Client (invisible/not on a map) [Warning]: script: buildin_getmapxy: Invalid type 0. [Debug]: Source (NPC): No Multiple Client (invisible/not on a map) I am running latest rAthena 2e3e8b8 Also have Gepard
  7. Thank you for your hardwork. But i get this error when i use your prontera. --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail prontera_re\Catholic_01_h5.rsm model\prontera_re\catholic_01_h5.rsm --------------------------- OK --------------------------- --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail prontera_re\Catholic_01_h3.rsm model\prontera_re\catholic_01_h3.rsm --------------------------- OK --------------------------- --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail prontera_re\Catholic_01_h4.rsm model\prontera_re\catholic_01_h4.rsm --------------------------- OK --------------------------- --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail prontera_re\Catholic_01_h2.rsm model\prontera_re\catholic_01_h2.rsm --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  8. Can't seem to access the file anymore after buying?
  9. Many texture errors when i go in prontera.. i attached a .txt for the errors textureerrors.txt
  10. they are monster drops for Rock Ridge mobs, anyone have the itemdb? https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28242/calf-anaconda-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/13146/calf-deathadder-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28241/calf-diamondback-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28240/calf-kingcobra-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28243/calf-python-2 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/32013/metal-stick-3
  11. I think no one has complete rock ridge yet. only 2 servers have rock ridge content i think
  12. @attackjom555 i think you attach wrong files.. item_combo_db = empty. item_db is from import folder also missing, both are in Oversea care package http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/28484/ http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/28438/
  13. got an error when i execute sql for Quest System CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `quest_map` ( `map` varchar(255) NOT NULL default 'prontera', `npc_count` int(5) unsigned, PRIMARY KEY (`map`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM; but i got this error: [Err] 1071 - Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes [Err] CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `quest_map` ( `map` varchar(255) NOT NULL default 'prontera', `npc_count` int(5) unsigned, PRIMARY KEY (`map`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM; [Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully What do you think is the problem ?
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