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  1. just add this in npc of barricade or guardian if(strcharinfo(0) != getguildmaster(getcharid(2))) { mes "Call your Guild Leader"; close; }
  2. Para los días de la semana usa *gettime(<type>) This function will return specified information about the current system time. DT_SECOND - Seconds (of the current minute) DT_MINUTE - Minutes (of the current hour) DT_HOUR - Hour (of the current day) DT_DAYOFWEEK - Week day (constants for MONDAY to SUNDAY are available) DT_DAYOFMONTH - Day of the current month DT_MONTH - Month (constants for JANUARY to DECEMBER are available) DT_YEAR - Year DT_DAYOFYEAR - Day of the year DT_YYYYMMDD - current date in the form YYYYMMDD It will only return numbers. If another type is supplied -1 will be returned. if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == SATURDAY) mes "It's a Saturday. I don't work on Saturdays.";
  3. u can setup this in conf/battle/skill.conf search this // Should Dispel work on songs when the target is not in the song area? (Note 1) // On official servers, it's impossible to dispel songs. // Hint: Also affects the Rebellion skill "Vanishing Buster". dispel_song: yes
  4. Te falta agregar las tablas sql de los mob_db quizas