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  1. then u need to change GM level of GameMaster3 to 4.
  2. check in /conf/group.conf that you have the same Id for GM
  3. It also doesn't work with the requestguildinfo command
  4. Puedes colocar al salir del BG un npc que quite ese estado usando el siguiente código dentro de ese npc setpcblock(PCBLOCK_SKILL|PCBLOCK_USEITEM,false);
  5. Intenta con algo así - script poring_walk -1,{ end; OnInit: npcspeed 100; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer4000: getmapxy [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], BL_NPC; set [email protected], callfunc("rent_aliceXY",[email protected],46,61); set [email protected], callfunc("rent_aliceXY",[email protected],54,73); npcwalkto [email protected], [email protected]; initnpctimer; end; } prontera,153,155,3 duplicate(poring_walk) Poring#gm 1002 function script rent_aliceXY { set [email protected], getarg(0); // Present position XoY set [email protected], rand(1,5); // Distance to cross if (rand(2)) // Direccion a tomar (izq der arr abj) set [email protected], [email protected] + [email protected]; else set [email protected], [email protected] - [email protected]; if ([email protected] < getarg(1)) set [email protected], [email protected] + [email protected]; // If the new point is smaller, thats the minimum if ([email protected] > getarg(2)) set [email protected], [email protected] - [email protected]; // If the new point is greater, thats the maximum return [email protected]; }
  6. yep i have it InsertPetAutoFeeding(9107) InsertEvolutionRecipeLGU(9099, 9108, 23189, 3) InsertEvolutionRecipeLGU(9099, 9108, 7442, 300) InsertEvolutionRecipeLGU(9099, 9108, 724, 50) InsertEvolutionRecipeLGU(9099, 9108, 4340, 1) InsertPetAutoFeeding(9108) EDIT: I can add autofeed button, but no evolution
  7. hello, I have problems with the pet evolution UI, when I add the option to evolve to other pets with all the materials, in some pets the option does not appear to me, does anyone know what this could be? - Mob: PORING TameItem: Unripe_Apple EggItem: Poring_Egg EquipItem: Backpack FoodItem: Apple_Juice Fullness: 3 IntimacyFed: 50 CaptureRate: 2000 Script: > [email protected] = getpetinfo(PETINFO_INTIMATE); if( [email protected] >= PET_INTIMATE_LOYAL ){ bonus bLuk,2; bonus bCritical,1; } Evolution: - Target: MASTERING ItemRequirements: - Item: Leaf_Of_Yggdrasil Amount: 10 - Item: Unripe_Apple Amount: 3 - Mob: TEDDY_BEAR TameItem: Small_Needle_Kit EggItem: Teddy_Bear_Egg FoodItem: Cotton_Tufts Fullness: 3 IntimacyFed: 50 CaptureRate: 2000 Script: > [email protected] = getpetinfo(PETINFO_INTIMATE); if( [email protected] >= PET_INTIMATE_CORDIAL ){ bonus bMaxSP,150; } Evolution: - Target: XM_TEDDY_BEAR ItemRequirements: - Item: Small_Needle_Kit Amount: 3 - Item: Cursed_Seal Amount: 300 - Item: Cardinal_Jewel_ Amount: 50 - Item: Teddy_Bear_Card Amount: 1 Thank you sorry if this is the wrong section, please move it
  8. Hi, I have the following problem with the getguildname command, at the moment that no member has connected after a reload I get return parameter null mes "Guild name "+getguildname(22)+"."; set [email protected], query_sql("select name from guild where guild_id = 22 limit 1",[email protected]_name$); if ( [email protected] == 0 ) { mes "No existe."; Close; } mes "Guild Name "[email protected]_name$+"."; close; Image DB Image script
  9. just add this in npc of barricade or guardian if(strcharinfo(0) != getguildmaster(getcharid(2))) { mes "Call your Guild Leader"; close; }
  10. Para los días de la semana usa *gettime(<type>) This function will return specified information about the current system time. DT_SECOND - Seconds (of the current minute) DT_MINUTE - Minutes (of the current hour) DT_HOUR - Hour (of the current day) DT_DAYOFWEEK - Week day (constants for MONDAY to SUNDAY are available) DT_DAYOFMONTH - Day of the current month DT_MONTH - Month (constants for JANUARY to DECEMBER are available) DT_YEAR - Year DT_DAYOFYEAR - Day of the year DT_YYYYMMDD - current date in the form YYYYMMDD It will only return numbers. If another type is supplied -1 will be returned. if (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK) == SATURDAY) mes "It's a Saturday. I don't work on Saturdays.";