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  1. It is not a patch... https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items
  2. STATUS.CONF ... si entendí bien, entonces es lo que te dijo Ciruela
  3. Dhall

    WoE Controller.

    Use 00:00 ... I'm guessing you are looking for 24:00, am I right?
  4. A que te refieres con dejar los status en 150? Hablas de que deseas cambiar la resistencia y luego los stats... Si deseas cambiar los stats hay guías aquí en el foro y en la wiki de rAthena... O explicate un poco mejor para poder ayudarte... Saludos
  5. On the text, and it depends on if you're using pre or renewal system... If it's renewal what you use, then go to the re folders.. If pre, go to pre folders You can use this guide https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Mobshope it helps
  6. Deja ver tu map.h, client.conf y job_exp.txt...
  7. Sigue esto, con eso deberías de arreglar tu problema. Otra cosa, no olivdes compilar tu servidor después...La guía lo explica bien, sigue paso a paso y se acabó. Saludos https://rathena.org/wiki/Edit_Max_Level
  8. Try this https://rathena.org/board/topic/64199-woe-setter-v-345/
  9. Dhall

    Exp problem

    There's no need of recompile to set up your new rates...
  10. MODE canMove: 1 Boss:32 plant: 64 castsensor: 16 assist: 8 aggresive: 4 looter: 2 canAttack: 128 detector: 256 changetarget: 512 These are the basic modes. You add them up to make the ones below: 64: Plant 128: Immobile being, passive (Pupa) 129: normal 131: looter 132: Immobile being, attacker (Hydra) 133: aggressive 137: supportive (Wolf) 139: supportive & looter (Thief Bug) 141: aggressive & supportive 145: detectors (Giearth) 149: aggresive & detectors (Hunter Fly) 171: Boss type and looter (Golden Thief Bug) 181: Boss type ID,Sprite_Name,kROName,iROName,LV,HP,SP,EXP,JEXP,Range1,ATK1,ATK2,DEF,MDEF,STR,AGI,VIT,INT,DEX,LUK,Range2,Range3,Scale,Race,Element,Mode,Speed,aDelay,aMotion,dMotion,MEXP,MVP1id,MVP1per,MVP2id,MVP2per,MVP3id,MVP3per,Drop1id,Drop1per,Drop2id,Drop2per,Drop3id,Drop3per,Drop4id,Drop4per,Drop5id,Drop5per,Drop6id,Drop6per,Drop7id,Drop7per,Drop8id,Drop8per,Drop9id,Drop9per,DropCardid,DropCardper
  11. use @whereis on your server Example: @whereis poring or @whereis MobID
  12. This is why... As rizal84150 said, you have to disable packet obfuscation So, disable packety encryption, and disable First, second and third key encryption as well
  13. Dhall

    Flee! Please Help

    status.c stat += level + status->agi + (bl->type == BL_MER ? 0 : bl->type == BL_PC ? status->luk / 5 : 0) + 100; //base level + ( every 1 agi = +1 flee ) + (every 5 luk = +1 flee) + 100
  14. Mmm...ya leíste el post anterior verdad? Ps, el que tu mismo citaste... En español:
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