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  1. Is there a fix for this issues yet? Thank you in advance
  2. fixed issues Thank you in advance
  3. Good day rAthena, can some one please tell me the script command if example they consume a red potion they gain 1level and 1 job level and another of the script command would be gain base and job exp by 5000 please. 501,Red_Potion,Red Potion,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ baselevel,1; },{},{} thank you in advance
  4. check your mob skill db i think the error is there on this line: 2942,Evil [email protected]_INVINCIBLE,attack,685,1,10000,0,60000,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,, it say in mapserver it only find 18 column while it need to be 19 column
  5. is your problem solved now O_O? is there any solution for this issues now?
  6. nop i have no edit anything just yet.. i have not touch the homonculus_db or the mob_db yet
  7. Hi guys, Just like the title say. i am facing an error when i summon homonculus, it's either the sprite is wrong or when i summon filir my client instantly close down. Below are the list of my error vanilmirth sprite become - poring Amistr sprite become - poring cannot feed or delete Lif sprite become - show loki but can be delete filir - error close client -the client date that i use = 2015-11-04a -i did not apply custom homonculus diff. List of things i've tried: -i tried on a fresh server without any editing too but the same things happen. -i tried roenglish data folder the latest without anything edited on it but just changing ip , lang 55 version 1 and that's it. But the same error happen. but just for info i am using Gepard. Could gepard cause something like this? I hope some one help me with this issues please.
  8. this is an issues with the skillinfoz the latest ro english data folder does not have it update too... can anyone please share their lua skillinfoz for the data folder? thank you.
  9. do anybody have the missing files? hope you don't mind to share them. thank you
  10. hi can anyone share me their 2015-11-04a clean client for me to patch please. also for 2015-11-04 do i use secret nemo or from m3stream nemo to patch and what must i not select. guide will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  11. @sandbox I try using your script with the latest rathena it just don't work. when the event start the announcement just went through everything and announce no winner without a portal even appear. I try solving it by changing sleep2 to sleep, finally the event work and I am able to get inside the room to try the event... but still there is just so much error still like it say using the wrong close command and the event is not running after we are inside. does anyone have any fix for this script for the latest rathena? thank you whoever willing to help.
  12. Highly Recommended. Very fast in his works clean and nicely done. Dealt with many of my question. Sometimes he is very busy man that it takes quiet awhile for him to reply you during his working time. But just leave a list to him and he will definitely get everything done. You'll be happy with the result of his work. More power to you now and forever.
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