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  1. brunoshp

    Magnum Break Not Functioning properly

    this problem was solved?
  2. brunoshp

    Compile Erro

    what i do to fix it? gcc: @[email protected]: No such file or directory make[1]: *** [obj/core.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/emulador/src/common' make: *** [common] Error 2 ps: have core.o in past obj.
  3. brunoshp

    Change Drops Show

    how i change to display separate MVPS cards? or have other method to make drop x and show in @mobinfo 2x?
  4. Hi man! are you fine?

  5. brunoshp

    Enable Skill in Map

    How i Able skill vending in map Noskill???
  6. brunoshp

    How can I load the item list in @alootid?

    you need put @aloottype +2 this is usable itens.

    Good morning, how do I get the anti-hacker service?

    1. brunoshp


      Man call me in Skype i have Problems in hackers

  8. brunoshp

    How to fiz Cash shoping

    i have this error whe buy in npc [Warning]: pc_paycash: More kafra points provided than needed (price=0, points=65536, account_id=2000000, char_id=150000). but whe i buy in cash button, the trader was ok!
  9. brunoshp

    Error in Cash shopping

    rathena , but i change my hexed and now ok! thz!
  10. brunoshp


    how do you fixe it?
  11. brunoshp

    Error in Cash shopping

    item_cash_db items only appear for adms 99. in my other account lvl 1 i cant see itens! how i fix it?
  12. brunoshp

    Utility: VIP System

    Man I have problem in Script in this line.
  13. brunoshp

    where i see changeset

    i make this changes, but error now is other. [Warning]: itemdb_search: Item ID 28 does not exists in the item_db. Using dummy data. [Error]: wrong egg item inventory 82 when relog if a egg in inventory, and he crashed
  14. brunoshp

    where i see changeset where i can see this Fixeded in r16897? the link off.
  15. brunoshp

    Limite Scripts

    is it possible to limit maximum number of scripts?