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  1. Hi, it's weird but I think the skill is fine. I mean, both skills consume zeny when they are casted independent the tarjet, maybe nobody expected to throw skill on dead characters. I have reviewed it and it also works the same. Maybe it's because in the pvp / gvg areas you're normally teleported to the save point
  2. hello. time ago in the payment emulators there were these commands, flooritem and mobevent. There are the diff of these two commands for rathena ?. Could you attach them?
  3. npc/ script_custom.conf //npc: npc/location/to/script.txt example: npc: npc/custom/minpc.txt
  4. Hello, I am trying to make an item with callfunc, this should have 5 or more uses and when completing them the item should be deleted. Try that, but it has not worked for me, any help? function script Count { for( [email protected] = 1; #c == 5; #c-- ){ for( #c = 1; [email protected] + 1; #c- ){ dispbottom "You can use it again "+ #c +" times more."; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,240000,10; end; } } if (#c == 5){ dispbottom "bla bla bla."; delitem xxx,1; end; } } I mean, the item is never erased independently the amounts of times you use.
  5. Descarga los archivos de: https://github.com/rathena/rathena y las datas correspondientes a la fecha.
  6. thanks for answering, I'll try anyway
  7. Is it possible to change the experience rates to a single player using a script?
  8. Que fecha de exe estas ocupando?. Los primeros párrafos del iteminfo.lua, siempre estan en otro idioma. Procura bajar al final. De cualquier otra forma, ocupa SDBE.
  9. Pues el mismo error te esta diciendo el problema, no puede conectarse a la DB con nombre 'ragnarok' de pass ragnarok ... Si quieres volver y aun no estas tan capacitado te recomiendo que busques en este foro acerca de"servidor offline 2018" ahi hay un tutorial
  10. #name - permanent local account integer ##name - permanent global account integer variableariable
  11. Depende el nivel de elemento que estas ocupando, si no mal recuerdo Angeling otorga Holy nivel 1. y Excalibur es Holy lvl 4 .. por ende si revisas en /emulador/db/pre(re)/attr_fix.txt, puedes hacerte una idea de los daños, Tambien existe una configuracion para curar al player al ser atacado con el mismo elemento..
  12. Tenia avanzados muchos NPCs traducidos, tuve un pequeño incidente con mi HDD lo cual me impide rescatarlos y subirlos al repositorio que tenia. de igual forma, me sumare e ire traduciendo en lo que pueda
  13. Zutcer


    Hi, I was wondering a few hours ago about this program, is there anyone who has a more updated of this ?. Did you ever believe? If someone has knowledge about this, it is appreciated: P Pd: the complete name is eAthena Script Corrector Rev 2.
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