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  1. iv tryed restarting server after i changed the rates still goes back to 1.25x 1.25x 10x drops are want i wanted i wanted the server rates to be 25x 25x 10x problem solved the dramatic rates script was blocking the new rates after removing rates set as needed thanks
  2. toohot22

    Exp problem

    GoodDay Rathena Im trying to set my rates on my server but no matter what rates i put in the same rates show i checked my control panels and heres what it says And my settings are as follows
  3. toohot22

    client setup

    Hello all iv been away from here for some time and have been trying to get a working client but so much has changed and most guides are out dated or links are broken im willing to pay for a client so i can get on my server just needs to be a plain full client i dont need a data.grf as i have this just everything else if you can help please drop me your skype id and ill add you thanks inadvance
  4. Hey Could anyone help me out with a client i used to run a server a few years back and just got back into it but see everything has changed im looking for a mini client so i can test a server iv got out thanks inadvance
  5. Can anyone help me please?
  6. but where do i add new missions?
  7. hunting mission script can anyone help please? hunting_missions.txt
  8. Hi all can anyone help me with a new skill as in the coding of it i know where too add just not how to code it the new skill is as follows Skill Name: Camping Duration: 5 minutes Casting Time: 1 minute Cooldown: 10 minutes Max Skill Level: 1 Catalyst: 1 "matches" 5, "wooden branch", "5 leaves" Skill Description: Summons a camp fire Skill Effect: Increases hp/sp recovery by 50%, recovers 500hp/sp per seconds, Increase hp/sp recovery by 5% per party member and increases hp/sp recovery by 100 per party member, Increases Def+ 100. Skill has a 10x10 radius around the camp fire. (It acts like a fire pillar skill that has a radius that can do the effect of recovery like the skill priest sanctuary) thanks inadvance Can Anyone help??
  9. Hi can anyone tell me how i add more quests to the script?
  10. lol totaly forgot about that thanks Hi sorry where can i add new missions to this thing??
  11. toohot22

    how to make?

    HI all I would like to make a quest where a player hunt for a set monster and then gets a reward something like this NPC - louyang 208,118 Name - Ice Titan quest is to find and hunt down 150 Ice Titan mobs after they have killed them theres a message saing they have killed the 150 mobs please return to npc npc to say well done heres your reward 1x 5738 (Snowman Hat [1]) & 10x 7539 (Poring Coin) Thanks Inadvance
  12. Hi im useing this script prontera,155,181,5 script Jman 704,{ if( getgmlevel() < 80 ){ mes "Sorry i wont serve you."; }else{ mes "Hi, i am Event Manager"; mes "So, who is the Winner ?"; mes "Enter his/her name."; mes "Must be a Online Char"; mes "Insert ^FF0000CANCEL^000000 to cancel"; do{ input [email protected]$; }while( compare( [email protected]$,"CANCEL" ) || !isloggedin( getcharid( 3,[email protected]$ ) ) ); mes "How many Point will be given ?"; input [email protected]; next; mes "Name : ^FF0000"[email protected]$+"^00000"; mes "Point : ^FF0000"[email protected]$+"^00000"; if( select("Yes:No") == 1 ){ close2; message [email protected]$,"You have been rewarded with "[email protected]+" Points."; attachrid( getcharid( 3,[email protected]$ ) ); set #EVENTPOINTS,#EVENTPOINTS + [email protected]; end; } } close; } And it was working but now after a revision its not working i click the npc add players name and amount and send players gets message but theres no point when they check is there another way to do this even without the sctips i tryed #points and #cash but both say player not found but the player is online right by me if anyone has another script to give cash points please can you send me a copy or if you can fix this one thanks thanks inadvance