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  1. Euphy's Quest Special Tweak: Every time you will finish any of the quests, You will get 1 PODS.
  2. Ghost PVP is Buggy. I removed all .wav scripts but it always says streak upon proceeding to this 4x kill.
  3. Hello! I want a PVP Streak Announcer Like Dota but without sound. Just simply the global broadcast.
  4. I want a npc wherein i will be the one who will indicated the ID # and quantity + USERNAME/IGN
  5. I want a npc wherein i can write the list of usernames that are enabled to get a specific items when they talk to this npc.
  6. Can anyone give/share their script regarding WoE Enabled MVP Cards and WoE Disabled MVP Cards?
  7. Can anyone do a script to auto skill all when you hit job 50 acolyte, job 50 monk/priest and job 70 HighPriest/Champ?
  8. I have checked and the question now is, how can i put all characters to have teleport level 2?
  9. My teleport skill is reaching Skill Level 100 and doesn't cap at level 2. What should i do?
  10. I want a single script on all jobs.
  11. Forget about the TCG. What i mean is when he will click a consumable item He will be transformed to his/her 2-2, 2-1 class. Example if the Sinx will consume it, He will be 'disguised' to assassin only. It means sinx skill will remain even though hes/shes just a assassin
  12. I hope rathena will provide those out-dated emu again. :/ ASB? I will try to do it.