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  1. GetTableIntValueForC Error When I run 2018-05-30bRagexeRE_patched.exe I have tried to change to <langtype>0</langtype> in clientinfo.xml. It still not works.
  2. Hello, where can I get GH?


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    2. BugsLIFE


      sir please see my pm on skype

    3. Functor


      BugsLIFE, check PM.

    4. BugsLIFE


      ok sir please see my reply.. also on skype now

  3. Enable Proxy Support not work.
  4. Does anyone have Thailand server package?
  5. I will scan the script to have a try, haha. Added now. This ^ I can't test SC's skills because I don't have required items. What do you need? You may list them all.
  6. No GM accounts should be configged after regist and must restart zone.exe So I have made items sell npc. Now it supported English lite patch.
  7. Good job. I found it much faster to visit rA board these days than it was before.
  8. I have shared lite patch for kro client on the top of this topic.
  9. I now upload Aegis_id2name.txt since many Aegis names of item_db in both Herc and rAthena are not correct. Update 2016.10.11 I have made some mistaked in the first version. Try V2. Aegis_id2name_V2.txt
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