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  1. Tried adding pvpnopart and pvpnoguild but i still can't hit guildmember and partymember setarray [email protected], mf_nobranch, mf_nomemo, mf_nopenalty, mf_nosave, mf_noteleport, mf_nowarp, mf_nowarpto, mf_noicewall, mf_pvp_noguild, mf_pvp_noparty, mf_noreturn;
  2. if you change 25 to 50 , what will happen to physical attack % it now it should be 50% each card ?
  3. @Emistry is it possible to have specific reward for each job ?
  4. Is it also possible to separate drop from normal mobs, mini boss, and mvp ?
  5. Hi everyone, Can anyone share how i can use this on OnPCLoadMapEvent: like when they go on a certain map which is on the list of the loadevent
  6. Hi, Can anyone help me with my issue, The detection is still being trigger even though it is not including on the loadevent list 1st char is in new_1-1 when i tried to create a new char since the start point is new_1-1 the moment i log in the 2nd char it got warp even though new_1-1 is not in the list prt_gld mapflag loadevent pay_gld mapflag loadevent gef_fild13 mapflag loadevent alde_gld mapflag loadevent aru_gld mapflag loadevent sch_gld mapflag loadevent
  7. Anyone can share fixed version of this ? I'm having a following issue on the script - cluckers is getting error everytime i walk on the cell where i got the status effect from the cluckers - Find the poring is not ending (not warping all player back to prontera when all Correct poring has been killed ) - Manhunt is having an issue - find the mushroom ( no mushroom spawn ) - monster counting is not working - disguise event is ending after 1 correct answer
  8. @Mabuhay how about this scenario - when a player created a party without member, if an MVP has been killed getitem will not triggered - when there is only two member in the party and one member is away from the party getitem will not get triggered - when there is only two member in the party and one member is offline getitem will not get triggered getitem will only get triggered if : -party has >=2 within 15 cell OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_MVPEXP ) ) { getmapxy ([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], BL_PC); getpartymember getcharid(1), 1; getpartymember getcharid(1), 2; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] ) if ( isloggedin( [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]] ) ) { attachrid ( [email protected][[email protected]]); getmapxy ( @map$, @x, @y, BL_PC ); if ( distance([email protected], [email protected], @x, @y) > 20 && @map$ != [email protected]$ ) continue; else { [email protected][[email protected]] = [email protected][[email protected]]; [email protected]++; } } sleep 1; getitem 501, rand(1,5), [email protected][ rand( [email protected] ) ]; } end;
  9. @Stolao Paladin getting pvppoint when killed by their own Sacrifice Skill Guys, Any solution ?
  10. Anyone tried to add, additional message to the players, every time they reach 30 minutes out of 1 hour they will receive a message that they successfully accumulated 30 minutes of our 1 hour ?
  11. Hi @Mabuhay i didn't configure any session on woe controller, But then suddenly a woe has been started. Any idea ?
  12. @Zack- looks like the issue is on my vps as its working properly on local machine i will try to find out later
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