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  1. Anyone can share fixed version of this ? I'm having a following issue on the script - cluckers is getting error everytime i walk on the cell where i got the status effect from the cluckers - Find the poring is not ending (not warping all player back to prontera when all Correct poring has been killed ) - Manhunt is having an issue - find the mushroom ( no mushroom spawn ) - monster counting is not working - disguise event is ending after 1 correct answer
  2. @Mabuhay how about this scenario - when a player created a party without member, if an MVP has been killed getitem will not triggered - when there is only two member in the party and one member is away from the party getitem will not get triggered - when there is only two member in the party and one member is offline getitem will not get triggered getitem will only get triggered if : -party has >=2 within 15 cell OnNPCKillEvent: if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_MVPEXP ) ) { getmapxy ([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], BL_PC); getpartymember getcharid(1), 1; getpartymember getcharid(1), 2; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] ) if ( isloggedin( [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]] ) ) { attachrid ( [email protected][[email protected]]); getmapxy ( @map$, @x, @y, BL_PC ); if ( distance([email protected], [email protected], @x, @y) > 20 && @map$ != [email protected]$ ) continue; else { [email protected][[email protected]] = [email protected][[email protected]]; [email protected]++; } } sleep 1; getitem 501, rand(1,5), [email protected][ rand( [email protected] ) ]; } end;
  3. @Stolao Paladin getting pvppoint when killed by their own Sacrifice Skill Guys, Any solution ?
  4. Anyone tried to add, additional message to the players, every time they reach 30 minutes out of 1 hour they will receive a message that they successfully accumulated 30 minutes of our 1 hour ?
  5. Hi @Mabuhay i didn't configure any session on woe controller, But then suddenly a woe has been started. Any idea ?
  6. @Zack- looks like the issue is on my vps as its working properly on local machine i will try to find out later
  7. Same issue, already tried it to 3 computer with my friends
  8. Hi Guys, Anyone can help me with the below. I'm trying to add vote for points from https://github.com/sanasol/FluxCP_Addons-VoteForPoints I was able to follow all the install instruction. but fluxcp keeps on opening the install/update page, i tried to Install or Update Everything notification says " update has been completed " i can also see that the 2 schema is already added on my database. But still everytime i open my site it keeps redirecting to http://myro.com/?module=install Any clue please ?
  9. Guys, Kindly share first where do you host your fluxcp, I only know how to fix it on CentOS
  10. I tried to using this on 2018 Client, using latest rathena. The char who initiate dicebet is not rolling a dice once the other char use @acceptdb showing /dice emoticon
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