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  1. I am using chrome-app and I want this setup only. Web based RO is bandwidth intensive. I setup the api.js: ROBrowser.prototype.packetver = 20130814; Still I am getting this [Info]: Subnet check [x.x.x.167]: WAN [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x7a5b (0x0008), 5 by tes received), disconnecting session #11. I'd like not to touch or modify the roBrowser as much as posisble. I only want this to work on chrome-app
  2. Hi again, After choosing a character, what will happen next is that it freezes. Then the shell display [Info]: Subnet check [x.x.x.167]: WAN [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x7a5b (0x0008), 5 bytes received), disconnecting session #8. What happen? Should I choose a packet version? I dont know where, It's not on the guide. Thanks! PS I am making the chrome app roBrowser.crx
  3. I have a Ragexe 20130814. I tried and it's not compatible. Can you merge this packets to your roBrowser? //2013-08-14aRagexe - Themon #if PACKETVER >= 20130814 packet(0x0874,7,clif->pActionRequest,2,6); packet(0x0947,10,clif->pUseSkillToId,2,4,6); packet(0x093A,5,clif->pWalkToXY,2); packet(0x088A,6,clif->pTickSend,2); packet(0x088C,5,clif->pChangeDir,2,4); packet(0x0926,6,clif->pTakeItem,2); packet(0x095F,6,clif->pDropItem,2,4); packet(0x0202,8,clif->pMoveToKafra,2,4); packet(0x0873,8,clif->pMoveFromKafra,2,4); packet(0x0887,10,clif->pUseSkillToPos,2,4,6,8); packet(0x0962,90,clif->pUseSkillToPosMoreInfo,2,4,6,8,10); packet(0x0937,6,clif->pGetCharNameRequest,2); packet(0x0923,6,clif->pSolveCharName,2); packet(0x0868,12,clif->pSearchStoreInfoListItemClick,2,6,10); packet(0x0941,2,clif->pSearchStoreInfoNextPage,0); packet(0x0889,-1,clif->pSearchStoreInfo,2,4,5,9,13,14,15); packet(0x0835,-1,clif->pReqTradeBuyingStore,2,4,8,12); packet(0x0895,6,clif->pReqClickBuyingStore,2); packet(0x094E,2,clif->pReqCloseBuyingStore,0); packet(0x0936,-1,clif->pReqOpenBuyingStore,2,4,8,9,89); #ifdef PACKETVER_RE packet(0x0365,41,clif->pPartyRecruitRegisterReq,2,4); #else // not PACKETVER_RE packet(0x0959,18,clif->pPartyBookingRegisterReq,2,4); #endif // PACKETVER_RE // packet(0x0896,8); // CZ_JOIN_BATTLE_FIELD packet(0x08A4,-1,clif->pItemListWindowSelected,2,4,8); packet(0x0368,19,clif->pWantToConnection,2,6,10,14,18); packet(0x0927,26,clif->pPartyInvite2,2); // packet(0x0815,4); // CZ_GANGSI_RANK packet(0x0281,26,clif->pFriendsListAdd,2); packet(0x0958,5,clif->pHomMenu,2,4); packet(0x0885,36,clif->pStoragePassword,0); #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20130814 packetKeys(0x23A23148,0x0C41420E,0x53785AD7); /* Themon */ #endif Thanks!
  4. #1 Script name: SQL Mission Board Bug detail: First, the player picked up a mission, he is level 99. During the mission, he then leveled by one. When he completed the mission, he went back to the mission board to get the reward. But the mission board npc said: "[Failed] Your level didnt meet the requirements". Confirmed by leveling him down. Because the mission board npc accepts my submission and gave me the reward. Screenshot: No screenshot required. #2 Script name: SQL Mission Board Bug detail: Everything is setup and complete. But when I open the edit monster list on the update mission setup, the client crashes. Screenshot:
  5. Thank you, that's clear now. Your scripts are awesome!
  6. you're not allow to take all these script and SELL it to another person in any form. You can share to other...but you cant involve it with money. I see, but I am confused whether I can use this on servers. Correct me if I am wrong, since servers involves money matters like donations and such, still it's commercial. Right?
  7. So, this scripts are for display only? Please be clear in this part,
  8. agree, buggy. for testing purposes see below. dont mind the girl, see the return error. im on the List Voting Sites.i am using calciumkids cp. by the way, the girl isnt she cute?
  9. As of today, [Orcao]_setcashpoints_rAthena_v1.0 is broken. Does anyone update it?
  10. I have no problem with this at all. But I want to remove this picture the that I highlighted. Can anyone know how to remove it? Thanks!
  11. I assumed that he succeed on doing the server as localhost. Now, he is trying to use DNS as his address
  12. Yes, its an advance method but if you know it how, its quiet easy. Port forward your router and more. Set-up and forget! make sure to hexed the client to read DNS.
  13. Any VPN can always bypass the router or firewall. That is why its easy to hack a Wi-fi if you are connected just that blocked by the firewall or a captive portal.