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  1. Hello, I am using 2013-08-07a client, Is this the normal view for character creation? Or I can change it where players can distribute the stats like this one below?
  2. Is it possible to be applied on 2013
  3. Hello is it possible to alter mercenary sprites to cat sprites?
  4. 1. What if the highest mmr player does not do pvp anymore? MMR points will be hoarded by the highest ranked player. 2. What if you lose all your mmr to zero, Does it make your mmr negative? 3. Will there be enough players to match on each bracket? 4. What if a player have two or more high ranking mmr characters and feeds all the mmr to his main character?
  5. I am trying to accomplish something, anyways thanks!
  6. Hello, would it be possible to put a new line on announcement? I have tried \n and it did not work. announcement "Hello Citizens of Midgard <insert new line> Hope you are enjoying playing, <insert new line> Have a good day ahead.",0; something like this.
  7. Hello, NPC that only talks to a party leader and checks if the party has duplicate job, anybody has a sample script they can share with? Thanks!
  8. Wow, thank you. looks like I have skipped this one at the script_commands.txt ty so much.
  9. Hello is it possible to count all players inside a given coordinates? something like an areawarp but instead of warping all players it will return how many players is inside the given coordinates? something like countplayersoncoords "prontera",173,188,140,156;
  10. I see thank you, this is frustrating for i have got the sprite at the kRO data grf file.
  11. Oh so you have the same problem?
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