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  1. kung sa fluxcp po yan baka naka locked yung folder ng fluxcp or try mo tignan ulit sa config baka mali lang nilagay mo na ip address
  2. you need to use 2018-06 or later client exe to enable soul reaper and star emperor job class.
  3. Good Day! Can anyone help me about lapine ui. I already installed the lapine ui from @Cydh The Lapine UI from cydh is only using random status. My problem is how can i use lapine ui to enchant illusion armor a&b and accessories booster that inserting items on illusion gears like at the video. Thanks who can help. i am very grateful who can help Sorry for my bad english.... Lapine UI video enchant illusion
  4. Thank you @Balfear it works now
  5. Can you help me about this item script I really dont know why that item script always error i tried to fixed it but nothing always error, Thanks in advance who can help.. 19491,Temporal_Circlet_(Super_Novice),Temporal Circlet (Super Novice),4,100,20,0,,10,,1,0x00000001,63,2,256,,170,1,1892,{ [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bAtk, [email protected]/2*10; bonus bMatk, [email protected]/2*10; bonus bAspdRate, [email protected]/3*4; bonus bCastrate, [email protected]/3*-4; bonus bCritAtkRate, [email protected]/4*5; bonus bMagicAddEle,Ele_All, [email protected]/4*5; if ([email protected] >= 11) { bonus bDelayrate, -5; } },{},{} 19492,Temporal_Circlet_(Summoner),Temporal Circlet (Summoner),4,100,20,0,,10,,1,0xFC102000,63,2,256,,170,1,1892,{ [email protected] = getrefine(); bonus bAtk, [email protected]/2*15; bonus bAspdRate, [email protected]/3*2; bonus2 bSkillAtk, "SU_CN_METEOR",[email protected]/3*20; bonus2 bSkillAtk, "SU_PICKYPECK",[email protected]/3*20; bonus bLongAtkRate, [email protected]/4*5; bonus bMagicAddEle,Ele_Neutral, [email protected]/4*5; if ([email protected] >= 11) { bonus bDelayrate, -5; } },{},{}
  6. ok thank you sir.. do you have any alternative to use emblem sir? like use the emblem of Crossbow clan, Golden Mace clan etc.. for temporary only?
  7. How to install athena web service? Any tutorial? I really need help about this to enable the guild emblem https://github.com/secretdataz/athena-web-service thanks in advance who can help me..
  8. hopyfuly someone making tutorial..... Yeah still not working until now. And now im still waiting huhuhu..
  9. After i update my rathena to the latest one with packever version 20200401 Guild emblem is not showing and can't put 24x24.bmp image. My "server_name:" and "wisp_server_name:" has no space I dont know how to fix it. please someone help me this for my server thanks.
  10. thank you @sader1992 its fixed now. and lastly last question, sorry if have many request. how can i remove this or edit when finish the last stage or die on any stage then suddenly will give this in chat info. if can't remove its ok xD just ignore my last request heheh.
  11. Map error fixed. But SQL still error when finish last stage or die at any stage then auto warp at save points then this error will shown at emulator. i din't change the script nor edit i just test it if have error before i use it to my server. sorry for my bad english [Info]: Saved guild (1 - TestGuild): members [Info]: [Instance] Created map '[email protected]' ('997') from map '[email protected]' ('996') [Info]: [Instance] Created: The Other Dimension (1). [SQL]: DB error - Duplicate entry '150000' for key 'char_id' [Debug]: at script.cpp:16830 - INSERT INTO `other_dimension_instance` (`name`,`char_id`,`class`,`max_round`) VALUES ('Admin','150000','4078','40') [Debug]: Source (NPC): at [email protected] (0,0) [Info]: [Instance] Destroyed 1. [Info]: Saved guild (1 - TestGuild): members
  12. Good Day. Have error when install. and also when finish the intances.
  13. @Euphy @Emistry Please help this. thank you.
  14. Good Day. Can anyone help me about this script. i want this script send to all account even offline. i want send my updates thru RODex and send everyone compensation even hes offline. Thank you in advance. reward.txt
  15. hi. can i have npc script that can delete item that can't sell and can't store and can't drop and trade thanks in advance
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