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  1. How can i limit 2 client only open?
  2. help me pls to edit in renewal the damage of high wizard card ang ice pick weapon like in pre-renewal bunos effect. thanks
  3. same lang po sila script may nabasa ako sa src folder daw i edit pero hindi ko alam kung saan.
  4. Pano po enable yung ice pick damage at high wizard card sa renewal? Like po sa pre-re kapag naka ice pick umaabot talaga 50 to 100k ang damage at tsaka at ang high wizard card.
  5. makuexile

    Help Fluxcp

    Flux CP CMS Addon By: CalciumKid
  6. makuexile

    Help Fluxcp

    What code i will replace sir? To apear the news and updates addons?
  7. makuexile

    Help Fluxcp

    Hi, Please help me to edit my fluxcp themes. i want to remove the item mall and put the news and updates addons i will upload here the main folder/ index.php and screen shot thanks in advance!! index.php
  8. it the same script sir even in sql files. pre renewal bonus bDefRatioAtkClass,Class_All; renewal bonus bDefRatioAtkClass,Class_All;
  9. Hi Good Evening, Can i ask for help about icepick/thanatos card bonus effect when i use ice pick or thanatos card on high deff player no effect at all just a normal damage when i set my server in pre renewal ice pick and thanatos card when i use it it give more damage up to 100k my sever is 255/120 stat 300 im asking help about in renewal because i want 3rd job and latest item, how can i set the ice pick or thanatos card effect bonus like on pre renewal? Please help me if anyone know it thank in advance.
  10. baka pwede ka pre need ko kasi kasama sa server ko. gamit ko is latest database at 2015 client naka up na ang server up na din webhost control panel pm me lang pre baka want mo. mag isa lang ako sa server ko.
  11. anyone would help me? to make no delay critical explosion....
  12. sir like this i want spammable just click the link below sir may online ba dito? 3days na ito post ko wala pa rin answer
  13. Help po about sa Critical explosion delay gusto ko kasi mag spam yung dalawang skill yung hyper spirit and critical explosion, ok namn yung hyper spirit no delay po siya pero pagdating sa critical explosion nag dedelay na siya hindi na po sya tuloy-tuloy gusto ko sana yung spammable talga yung dalawang skill na try ko na po mag edit sa skill_cast_db.txt at skill.confi, useless pag edit ko same lang pa rin sya hindi naga spam sana may makatulong sa akin salamat!!!!
  14. i tried already Anyone pls help to solve my problem Thanks
  15. extreme explosive is skill of sura,champion Ahmm "Fury" I want it to make spammable to make 1second asura strike Hyper+fury+asura strike i want to make them spammable, Can you help me please.
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