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  1. Mining System with level effect
  2. Have you ever wondered, why RO is one of the few games that doesn't have a good sound system on the game's buttons and features? Turn On your Sound and Watch the full vid!
  3. Yeah it looks very fun. But I want to do something more customized, as you can see in my vid... the players hp bar, towers hp bar, i've created the kill announcer with the effect only from first blood until penta, didnt do the hexakill efffect.... I'm doing the dragons mechanics, etc...
  4. Yeah i know, this is in my to do list. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. Moba Ragnarok haha Give me your opinion, what is best: 1- Use RO mobs for towers or use the LOL towers ? 1- With RO mobs and towers 2- With LOL Towers Please ignore the errors, there was some missing data files when I recorded the vid.... OBs: This system is not ready and so it is not for sale yet. If you wnat only the map, just call me on discord: Daniel '-'#0070
  6. Thank you guys! PS: I edited the post with my discord, due to people asking in this post and in my inbox.
  7. Whatch it in HD and Full Screen mode and give me your opinion/suggestion =D Discord for contact: Daniel '-'#0070 OBs: Its easy to edit the MvP's name and the words vivo (alive) and Morto (Dead) from portuguese to english
  8. @Easycore sir how to unlock the titles? Is there a way to enable each title by quest or they are all enabled for everyone by default?
  9. @DoSS @Olrox I have model in dae extension model, is it possible to convert to GR2?
  10. Thanks a lot @Zell !! Amazing work as always ! Hope someone create a guide for this with a simple screen =/
  11. danielps

    Src Bug ?

    Hi guys, I created a instance npc... everything working good, no errors on mapserver... but sometimes idk why, i get the following src error: [Error]: Memory manager: freed-data is changed. (freed in c:\users\pichau\desktop\moba\src\map\map.cpp line 241) If I log in and stay stopped in prontera, this error don't happen... When i'm on my instance, some times this error are shown and map-server restart himself.... I don't think it's the script, cause this error is happening in different situations and times in the instace... I looked my map.cpp and i didn't changed anything in this line 241 of the error.... my map.cpp: int map_freeblock_unlock (void) { if ((--block_free_lock) == 0) { int i; for (i = 0; i < block_free_count; i++) { aFree(block_free); block_free = NULL; } block_free_count = 0; } else if (block_free_lock < 0) { ShowError("map_freeblock_unlock: lock count < 0 !\n"); block_free_lock = 0; } return block_free_lock; } line 241 -> aFree(block_free); Please guys any help?
  12. Bro, It doesn't work, i tried many things, many brow edit vers.... you can try it yourself any custom map you have.... Anyway we just fixed it as zell told.
  13. Hi, I created a customm map, but it seem that all gats are set with water type, because sacer job can create the holy water anywhere he wants in my custom map, but my map gats are all green of red (walkable or not), and i didn't use any setcell script.... how is it possible? My map seems to be all gats set as water but it's not! How to solve that?
  14. Hey guys, You are all doing a great job! The script commands are ok, we can use it, and Annie is helpping me a lot with some questions i used have ^_^ I think we don't have any problem, all doubts were solved =D Thank you guys you are awesome
  15. Ok Annie, thanks for your help, i didn't want to annoy or offend you when i said you were proud, just told that because you said "the way you describe your post already telling you don't have any experience writing instance ", of course i do not, otherwise i would not open a topic here to make a question xD. I'm not the best scripter, but i study and try it myself,I didn't come here asking anybody to create or do anything to me, i just came for some doubts and script commands behavior. Thanks for you sample script, i have already read it, you just sent it in another post to me, but there are some stuffs that i need to do in my script that you don't have in this example you sent me (after all they are different styles of battlegrounds), that is why i still openned this topic. And i'm not proud or daring to say i'm greater than you think, but i guess i'm not as bad as you think, " write some simpler event script first", I do not expect you to read all my code (dont wanna take your time), but here it goes: My main question was about the team creation and warp to the correct map (using bg and instance command), i think these steps above solve that. I'm very very grateful for your help and other guys help. I'll try to finish it this month and show to you guys ^_^
  16. Yeah, i've never created an instance before because i never felt to do it, and now i had an ideia to create a moba so i'm learning instance commands sorry =/ I don't need a timeout controller, as in moba style we don't have it.. it1'sd 2 teams of 5 players, with no time limit, the goal is to destroy enemy base, so i don't really care about this point. I just didn't understand this part when you said "warp to 0,0" FAILS", i defined a x,y to respawn in instance_db when player die, and i'm using bg_warp with defined x,y as well so i don't understand why would i have this problem. Ok i think i can use both strnpcinfo(4) or ,instance_mapname("mymapname",[email protected]), it's not a problem ^_^ Anyway thanks annie, you said somethings that i didn't know about instances, and i'm learning, nobody born knowing everything as you sorry Btw now that you're back to being active in the forum and answered several of my posts, I'm kind of changing my concept about you. Nothing personal and no offense, but I think you're a bit proud. Hey guys, thanks a lot for you all, i think that now i won't have any problems to finish my script, i'm very glad to have you here in rA, you are very nice guys haha Thanks
  17. Haha thanks a lot! I'm really tryind hard xD Ok so just for me be sure that i understood. I can use bg_warp to a instance map using this sir? bg_warp $GidBGTeam1,instance_mapname("mymapname",[email protected]),93,125; I just add the ID as you said, my original code was this -> bg_warp $GidBGTeam1,instance_mapname("mymapname"),93,125; Now i'm sending the ID as well to the instance_mapname as you said, this should work? You are a god sir xD Thanks a lot! Liked all you answers, i'm very glad there are people like you here in rA that help nobs as me haha Hope you are here in rA when i finish my project xD It's a ragnarok mod, it will be a moba style, like league of legends (idk if you know this game...) xD So, thank you so much again s2 and i will post here when i finish it =D btw u said "dw I like people who actually put efforts" what is dw? I'm from brazil, idk slags haha The map it about 80% done, need some detais to finish it, now i'm focused in the script and src mods ^_^ The map until now is going like this: https://www.facebook.com/375199606295649/videos/375200579628885/
  18. Ok i got it, but i think that my problem is bigger xD I'1m creating a bg with instance commands, why? Instance (different of bg) it duplicates the maps and script, so many groups can enter it simultaneously while in bg they can't, right? So my first point is, i have to warp the bg team after creating the instance, should i use bg_warp or instance_enter for each player in the npc waitingroom ? Idk if it works but i'm thinking to try something like this -> bg_warp $GidBGTeam1,instance_mapname("mymapname"),93,125; But as it's instance created with IM_NONE (cause they are random players in a waitiing room, they are not in same party), so idk if it's gonna work xD Did u guys get my point now? Any ideia or another better way to solve my problem? Thank you guys and already liked ur posts for helpping me! ^_^
  19. So using type UNITTYPE_NPC will work for npcs and also mobs? I'm using the latest rA version, is it working UNITTYPE_NPC for mobs too ? o.O Yeah! I forgot this scritp command haha But this one will return lots of data from the mob, getmapxy wouldn't be better ? But if getmapxy doesn't work i will use getunitdata! Thanks a lot like for you both guys!
  20. Guys, in script_command doc we have the follow description of command instance_create: Instance Mode options: IM_NONE: Attached to no one. IM_CHAR: Attached to a single character. IM_PARTY: Attached to a party (default instance mode). IM_GUILD: Attached to a guild. IM_CLAN: Attached to a clan. I have a question, fi dont set a mode it will be by default party, and when player talk to npc he will send him to the instance that the party leader created, right? Ok, now what if i use IM_NONE. How the npc will know what instance he need to send the plaery? o.O
  21. Hi, In the latest vers of rathena getmapxy doesn't work for mobs? I looked script.c in src, maybe i can use UNITTYPE_MER for mobs? I assume that since in src it's like this: case UNITTYPE_MER: //Get Mercenary Position if( script_nick2sd(6, sd) && sd->md ) bl = &sd->md->bl; MER is the only type with bl = &sd->md->bl; In my small knowledge of src md is a struct that saves mob infos, right? So using getmapxy with type = UNITTYPE_MER will work for mobs as well? May i ask another question too? About bg commands, are there a limit for members? May i have 2 bg teams with 500 members each? xD No, i wont create only 2 teams of 500 players and put them in the same map xD I will create a bg, max 5 per team, but my script will be using instance_create command, so it will create another map and duplicate all scripts inside it as well, liek endless tower, right? But the problem i'm thinking in is: the bg warper will set only 2 teams always, so even that each map (instance) will be duplicated and filled with only 10 players (5 each team), the bg group of them will be the same.... dont knnow if i was clear xD Thanks ^_^
  22. Well, you dont know me, we have never talked, but i know you from your lots of posts here in rathena, in hercules etc... but you were kind of lot of time out of foruns, your rofile in all frouns were like "last visited 2 years ago" haha And a few time ago I saw a profile called "AnieRuru", but it was not the original AnieRuru, it was a fan he said, that is why i'm asking if you are the real anieruru that answered and posted lots of scripts, src mods etc... I hope someday i'll become good programer like you (if you the original anieRuru that i'm talking about of course) xD I'm good with script, but not so good with src, C and C++ are kind of hard, i get confused with pointers and structures haha Anyway being the real Anie ot not, thanks a lott man (or girl, dont know if its shemale or really a girl haha) I will create my bg system with instance_create so i think i won't have any problem xD PS: I'm creating a mobaRO (like league of legends =D) Thanks i think this solved my problem! Like !!
  23. Wow are u te real annie? I'll have a look in this script thanks ! So let's see if i understand, i will construct my bg creating a instance? So in original servers how does it work ? Like, there are lot of players in original server, do all of them play in the same map? It's impossible, so much player for same bg... but ok i will create this bg usind isntance_create so that i program it only once and every group of players that start it will be warped to a different map and don't disturb other groups. That is it? Do i undestanr it correctly annie? Thanks a lot!
  24. Hi guys, I want a create a custom bg, but i have a question. The command instance_enter duplicates the map and all npcs inside the instance map right? This way, i don't need to care about duplicating the map, scripts and npcs, and i also don't need to use setd and getd to create a dinamic npc. My question is, the commando bg_warp works like the instance_enter? I can create my bg and every group of players that start it will play in a duplicated map and npcs? I don't know if i was clear sorry for my bad english xD
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