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  1. try this https://rathena.org/board/topic/95122-preview-npc/
  2. try to check your db/map_index.txt and conf/maps_athena.conf make sure all map names are the same with those two files.
  3. just create another hourly file that do not trigger when afk. like this - script hourlypoints -1,{ OnPointGet: //Check for idle. while(checkvending() >= 1) { if( [email protected]$ == "" ) { dispbottom set( [email protected]$, "The hourly points event stopped because you were vending" ); set @hourly_points_timer, 0; } sleep2 .delay; } @consecutive_timer++; [email protected]_string$ = Time2Str( @consecutive_timer * ( .timer / 1000 ) ); dispbottom "You received "+.points+" Hourly Point(s) by staying ingame for "[email protected]_string$+"."; #HOURLYPOINTS = #HOURLYPOINTS + .points; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#HOURLYPOINTS+" Hourly Point(s)"; @consecutive_bonus++; //Check for consecutive timer. if(@consecutive_bonus == .cdelay) { @consecutive_bonus = 0; #HOURLYPOINTS = #HOURLYPOINTS + .cpoints; dispbottom "You receive a bonus "+.cpoints+" Hourly Point(s) by playing for "[email protected]_string$+" consecutively!!!"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#HOURLYPOINTS+" Hourly Point(s)"; } OnPCLoginEvent: addtimer .timer,"hourlypoints::OnPointGet"; @hourly_points_timer = gettimetick(2) + ( .timer / 1000 ); end; OnCmdHour: message strcharinfo(0),@hourly_points_timer ? Time2Str( @hourly_points_timer )+" remaining before you get your Hourly Reward(s).":"Something went wrong or you're considered idle at the moment, try relogging!"; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "hourlypoints","hourlypoints::OnCmdHour"; //@ctr to view time till next point. .timer = 1000*60*60; //Timer in milliseconds. ( Default: 1000*60*60 [ = 1 Hour ] ) .cdelay = 10; //Delay before receiving the consecutive bonus. ( Default: 3 [ { ~ 3 Hours } *Using default timer ] ) .cpoints = 3; //Points gained for consecutive time online. ( Default: 10 ) .points = 1; //Normal points gained. ( Default: 1 ) .delay = 216000; //Delay for idle re-check check. ( Default: 1000 [ = 1 Second ] ) .idle = 360*10; //Player is idle after not moving for this many seconds. ( Default: 60*5 [ = 5 Minutes ] ) } not my script just found somewhere else I just remove the function that check idle players tho still cancel hourly when vending.
  4. Hi can someone help me with this i just switched to pre renewal to renewal.. in renewal sonic blow is not being used so we didnt see the problem in here. but when i switched to pre re trans sonic blow of assassin we have checked that doesn't have animation. see video.. we have gepard installed.. not using modified grf also.. 2021-08-15 02-47-16.mp4
  5. Hi can I make a request regarding Hourly System but the change was an item needs to be equip before the hourly count starts. Equip = Hat Makes Hourly countdown starts UN equip = Hat Makes Hourly Countdown stop AFK/VENDING/CHATTING will also makes the countdown stop
  6. at status.cpp:12683 sd = 0x0 sc = 0x7fffe2cc7174 sce = <optimized out> status = 0x7fffe2cc7110 vd = 0x55555bd8c6d4 opt_flag = <optimized out> calc_flag = 33554432 undead_flag = <optimized out> val_flag = 0 tick_time = <optimized out> sc_isnew = true __FUNCTION__ = "status_change_start" tick = <optimized out> #1 0x000055555578c69b in skill_castend_nodamage_id (src=0x7fffe2cc6c04, bl=0x7fffe2cc6c04, skill_id=<optimized out>, skill_lv=1, tick=489235094, flag=0) at /usr/include/c++/8/bits/shared_ptr_base.h:1018 sd = <optimized out> dstsd = <optimized out> --Type <RET> for more, q to quit, c to continue without paging--RET md = <optimized out> dstmd = 0x7fffe2cc6c04 hd = <optimized out> mer = 0x0 sstatus = <optimized out> tstatus = <optimized out> tsc = <optimized out> tsce = <optimized out> i = <optimized out> type = <optimized out> __FUNCTION__ = "skill_castend_nodamage_id" #2 0x00005555557a9fdf in skill_castend_id (tid=<optimized out>, [email protected]=489235094, id=<optimized out>, [email protected]=0) at skill.cpp:11914 fail = false res = <optimized out> target = 0x7fffe2cc6c04 src = 0x7fffe2cc6c04 sd = <optimized out> md = <optimized out> ud = <optimized out> sc = <optimized out> flag = <optimized out> Can anyone help me with this please server crashing and here is the gdb report
  7. 1. i will cast devo to my party member and defender on 2. enemy player hit my pt member - " works fine " 3. but when i cast my devo skill again to my pt member the defender reduce damage gone but the icon defender skill and the effect of slow still there anyone can help me to fix this? Thank you! Thats my main problem when the paladin user devotion again while other party member is on defender, The defender damage reduction is gone
  8. still bug until now and still no solution or fix.. still occurs in pre-re we just need to wait for vacant dev's to fix this issue tho its been a year already
  9. Hi can some one help me update the sql format of this script Item_Check_Players.txt
  10. Hi annie have tried this script.. I have a question does dead winner teammate wont receive the prize? and also script stops after selecting start match.. using latest rathena git
  11. query_sql("SELECT `LV` FROM `mob_db` WHERE `DropCardid` = "[email protected]_nameid[[email protected]],[email protected]); I think its from this query Can copy maybe with the hunting_mission script query query_sql("SELECT ID FROM `" + .mob_db$ + "` WHERE left(Sprite, 4) != 'meta' AND left(Sprite, 2) != 'E_' AND ~Mode & 32 AND EXP > 0 AND MVP1id = 0 AND DropCardid > 4000 AND DropCardid < 5000 AND ID < 2000 AND instr('"+.Blacklist$+"',ID) = 0 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT " + .Quests, [email protected]); Tho i dont know where to start xD
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