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  1. remove extended vending and still bug..
  2. i have guild but create guild UI is showing Already remove BG mod. but I have extended vending patch
  3. bug still persist now after I create my guild and tried to logout and login guild UI is removed.. how to know the problem.. I already removed the battleground free mod.. no error during compilation..
  4. Hi i got problem using this.. I have applied the diff successfully but Guild invite is messed up.. using latest git also using @leader <name of own character> make server crash
  5. Yes Im using BG Mod Battleground Extended
  6. Hi I dont know if im @ the correct section but.. can some one help me regarding guild invite? I think guild invite was bug on the latest git version - How to replicate - Create Renewal server from latest git - use client 20200401 ( I know emblem not working with this unless has the external web config ) - invite someone for first time after server being up - logout or char select - try to invite again guild invite missing
  7. Hi would like to make a Script update for hunting_mission.txt https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/quests/hunting_missions.txt Seems not be working anymore using latest mob_db.sql
  8. Upper HG 1st slot enchant not working..
  9. can some one update this please https://github.com/Questune09/rAthena-Scripts/tree/master/unofficial sometimes it spawn monsters sometimes it does not.. normal and hard same problem
  10. what is the purpose of this.. does this need another vps?
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