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  1. Kisuka

    Old Face

    Nice nice glad to hear it got you into the scene :3
  2. Kisuka

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    If I come across anything I'll be sure to toss it out there.
  3. Kisuka

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    Stopping by to see what has been going on since I stopped doing RO stuff. Heard about the DMCAs on a bunch of projects and went down the rabbit hole again. So how are things going? What things are needed still in terms of matching official? Not sure if anyone will even reply to this
  4. I'm having flashbacks to those eA days reading this. Good luck.
  5. Thank You. I'm glad someone understands it
  6. I never said you claimed to make yourself the script author. The problem is, is that you modified the script but are claiming it to be a 1.0 release. On top of that, you are claiming the 1.0 release as being author'd by you in the changelog. The 1.0 release of this script does not have your changes. The initial release did not come from you. The argument regarding "we have no 1.0 release in this project" is invalid, since most this project's scripts don't have an initial release here either, those releases came from eAthena. In short, you don't just change a version history log because your project doesn't have those releases. Welcome to open source development. Leave my commit history alone, add your own line. When I pull your clean ups and fixes into Hercules I intend to add a 1.0.1 line to the file with YOUR NAME. Please do me the common courtesy of leaving the initial release comment, author'd by it's original author, me, here in rAthena.
  7. Ummm no... the changelog in a script is for that script. Yes of course there may be some difference between projects if one does not include certain changes in there own copy of a script. However, the 1.0 initial release comment has NO REASON of being changed just because you cleaned up some things and changed all item constants to IDs. I author'd the script. I did the initial release into the public domain. You have no right to modified my initial release comment in my changelog. You pulled the file into rAthena, and modified the script by cleaning up some things and replacing all item constants with IDs. This constitutes as a modification of the original release. As such, you should be adding onto the changelog, not modifying it. The changelog of a script does not automatically 'reset' because you've pulled it into a different project. That is not how this works. That's not even how open source development works. A script has it's own lifespan, it's own changes, spanning through different projects. You have no right to modify that changelog in a negative manner (deleting change history, changing authors, resetting). TL;DR You did not create the initial release into public domain. I did. Add your own line.
  8. I posted a topic to double as a kind of a public service announcement, as I've been seeing this happen more and more lately. Changelogs in scripts are being either removed, modified, or overwritten. This should not be happening.
  9. Euphy, why did you change my name to yours on the 1.0 entry in the changelog...? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rathena/rathena/dd9719de62bf0a09d7527bc9d988367ca2c675ca/npc/re/instances/WolfchevLaboratory.txt Add your own line to the changelog, do not overwrite others work. If you made fixes, add a new line, as it has been done since the days of eAthena. Just because we are contributing to different projects does not mean the changelog is a different changelog (only unless changes from 1 isn't applied), especially when it's the init release comment.
  10. Saw this coming years ago.. lol... Gravity really needs to srsly stop trying to revive the RO title by trying to create new versions of it
  11. Tried this, but I'm getting failed retrieve when updating the KRO and RE, it seems to be the patch site is not working? Make sure you have an already somewhat updated kRO client. They changed FTP servers, the new one doesn't contain anything before 2011-07-20.
  12. A plugin for RagnarokOnline Patcher Lite (RSU). Allows for patching multiple GRF files (kRO, RE, Custom) using just one patch client. https://github.com/kisuka/RSU-Multi-Plugin Basically this is similar to what the ragray plugin did, now you can use it for your own servers and what not Enjoy. Feel free to contribute to the repo if you want, my C / C++ sucks ^^;
  13. Now that more and more people are voicing their opinions about branching RE, can we hear from the current core dev team members please? I'd like to hear their opinion on this matter which is currently halting the development process of RE. Please explain in more than one sentence and don't link past topics. Currently we have only heard from Lighta. At the moment, the topic is about branching RE and pre-RE into their own branches. A sub-suggestion attached to this one is moving to Git or even Github to make this process even easier for the development and participation from others. My side suggestion for the pre-RE branch: cut out any content that was added after RE. It should only contain pre-RE content (client features / packets, scripts, items, maps, etc). At that point it would only be a branch where things are bug fixed or optimized.
  14. False, even bRO started a Pre-Re server. At this point you can't classify the international servers as 'official'. Yes they own a license to be an "official" server but they all change their scripts, and formulas, making them custom servers. The only true official server is kRO, which is what we should always be copying.
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