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  1. another method you could do: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/skill_damage_db.txt
  2. bubblegum will not affect/add up on @mi
  3. kung donate item meaning NPC tama? then mas madali ito kailangan mo: makikita mo dyan example pero kung gusto mo random drop ng monster OnNPCKillEvent: gagamitin mo.
  4. script command yung setrandomoption https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L9563
  5. check mo din ito parang mas Ok ata kung sa script mo ilalagay "setrandomoption" meron kasing index ma set mo kung saang slot mo gsto yung stats. lagay mo lang sa OnNPCKillevent
  6. Check mo ito sa item_randomopt_group.txt // <randopt_groupid>,<rate>,<randopt_id1>,<randopt_value1>,<randopt_param1>{,<randopt_id2>,<randopt_value2>,<randopt_param2>,<randopt_id3>,<randopt_value3>,<randopt_param3>,<randopt_id4>,<randopt_value4>,<randopt_param4>,<randopt_id5>,<randopt_value5>,<randopt_param5>} meaning sa isang item pwede ka maglagay ng 5 random option randopt_id5 add ka lng ng same pattern base sa guide. itong nasa script mo: RDMOPTG_MaxHP,2,RDMOPT_VAR_MAXHPAMOUNT,600,0,RDMOPT_VAR_HPACCELERATION,10,0,RDMOPT_VAR_MAXHPPERCENT,5,0 taasan mo nlng yung Rate. try mo lang
  7. I think it would be nice indeed because of the renewal features especially using latest client. since it will be based on official server I think players will be used to it. I wish I could try it if ever you make the server open to public . I've also been planning to copy mechanics from Revo-Classic (ROEXE, PRO) on my free time slowly but for test only.
  8. THPO

    @item failed

    have you tried using by @item item_id like this: @item 12214
  9. I have personally did this before, but it isn't 100% complete though.
  10. what OS do you want to run the server on the vmware? actually I'm currently running mine the same way CentOS on vmware.
  11. It doesn't add any visible skill it just increase your weight limit.
  12. this client is really nice I just tested it . is the Doram race fully functional on Renewal?
  13. re-install his client probably it's a tampered client or something., if he can connect when you turn off gepard shield then it's tampered client.
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