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  1. hi there good day ? is there any updates about the script ? looks interesting .. cuz im having an error [Error]: buildin_setr: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: set (2 parameters): [Debug]: Data: variable name='@mining' index=0 [Debug]: Data: number value=0 [Debug]: Source (NPC): Mithril Ore#21 at force_2-2 (168,124) [Error]: buildin_set: No player attached for player variable '@mining' [Debug]: Source (NPC): Mithril Ore#21 at force_2-2 (168,124)
  2. alayne last room has some kind of error , the first post u made about the last room is good , the updated in github had some error
  3. Hello there i was trying to fix Skyfortress instance but i cant Map server giving me [Error]: script_set_reg: cannot write instance variable ''talking', NPC not in a instance! [Debug]: Source (NPC): Stefan J.E. Wolf at [email protected] (103,114) care to check the script. please SkyFortress.txt
  4. hi sir alayne i tried your script and its very awesome but when u finished the instance, and your gonna redo the instance with another character. npc wont talk/ wont progress
  5. Most recommended person that i know. will give you tips until the end/or even if the service is already end. I give this person 5 star, because he's suggestion and thinking is outstanding. he even suggest a good hosting with cheap monthly. This is what a customer service is all about.
  6. Hi good day, i just want to ask something about migration process , well i've search some of the ways but i cant understand some ways is too complicated, is there anyway i can upload my sql files in an easier way, since im changing host and i dont want wipes. i got my database, and im trying to upload it however the files is too large to be uploaded ? anyone can help ?
  7. sir cyro how about summoners lope skill ??
  8. sir stolao , i am proud of you weapon mastery system and its great on my server !! thumbs up to your work , is there any command that will reset all players mastery ? because i had a mistake .. i set up the max mastery in lvl 500 at first then changed it in lvl 128 default, however some of my players had like lvl 300 weapon mastery , is it gonna stuck at lvl 128 even though they have lvl 300 weapon master ?>?? thank youuuu .....
  9. Hi there sir , i was using the updated weapon mastery , i found out something .. its about the ranged mastery itself .. example i am a ranger with mastery like lvl 50, then i tried to clicked the healer and test my damage , my damage was around 150k on the dummy, after that i tried to buff like "improve concentration" and my damage drag down like 130k , i test it again and yes it is the same .. is there any problem with the ranged? pls help
  10. @Quesooo i tried your script its good but its not what looking for .. im sorry
  11. enchant_faw.txt Thanks there i'll try it now
  12. Hi there good day to all of you, im having a problem regarding the faw script that im using, it seems like the last special enchant is not working example i am enchanting dex, it only select 3 ~ 5dex enchant for the 3 enchantment slot , i am trying to get a special DEX for the last enchant but its not working can someone look into this ? thank you very much, heres the file fawscript.txt
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