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  1. Renewal Pet bonus implementation?

    Hi, i try to find new info on this but I cant find any, any news on this feature?
  2. I wonder if I can make drop from monsters come with those bonus, I dont mind make monster by monster and equip by equip I just need a guide if anyone have one or a willing to do so please let me know, I really dint get those avaible...=/ Like this knife ^^^
  3. Hi @Anacondaqq First ty for the pack I already use it in two ocasions Now, I have a trouble I decided to use you pack but download the new rathena(update one)config ok and compile ok The problem is now rathena need at database the table "mail_attachments",when i start the char server is says it dont exist, do you know if is possible to just stick in there and how? or if will problably have to make all over again using mysql? ****** I decided to go with the "regular route" by ty for the pack again
  4. Hi, how I update rathena in this method? and how to recompile? *** Decided to go with windows local TY