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  1. the translation(machine) say "Restores 90 HP, a well-regenerated health remedy for red herbs. Weight: 7" so Why we have "itemheal rand(45,65),0;" ???
  2. because of the error of: I suggest change dead branch file and polymorth separate ty
  3. Hi well i dont know if its is client side or server side but i wil try to explain when im using any item that polymorth a monster into another(hylozoist card or any other)if the monstens is a 3d model the client ask for spr and act but those monster dont have one and I ending if the client crashing, the thing is the monster is summoned and stay in the map but for some reason when using the transmogrifying the client ask for act and spr anyone know why?and how to fix it? PS IM using official ones treasure box and the guardian guild not custom stuffy
  4. hi im using this script as base : - script Bronze_Coin -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if ( rand( 100 ) <= 90 ) { [email protected]_id = F_Rand( 7539 ); getitem [email protected]_id,1; } end; } if i put 1 at 90 will be 1% right? how i make it to be 0,01 or 0,05 or 0,10 ?
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me what i did wrong? cons = RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE 206 item_randomopt_db = RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE,{ bonus bClassChange,getrandomoptinfo(ROA_VALUE)*100; } error i got: [Warning]: Skipping line '6', invalid constant definition [Error]: sv_readdb: Could not process contents of line 24 of "db/import/const.txt". [Error]: itemdb_read_randomopt: Invalid Random Option ID 'RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE' in line 6 of "db/import/item_randomopt_db.txt", skipping. [Error]: itemdb_read_randomopt_group: Invalid random group id 'RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE' in column 3! [Error]: itemdb_read_randomopt_group: Invalid random group id 'RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE' in column 3! [Error]: itemdb_read_randomopt_group: Invalid random group id 'RDMOPT_CLASS_CHANGE' in column 3!
  6. I cant put this error in the github it got delete or close so i put it here
  7. rAthena Hash: Client Date: Server Mode: Description of Issue: Result: after enable attendeance feature i try to start the server and login got this error: [Error]: make_listen_bind: bind failed (socket #1, error 10048: unknown error)! Expected Result: ...shoul work? i guess How to Reproduce: Official Information: Modifications that may affect results: Note: i try to serach for the erro and people talk about ports and stuffy but the server is offline and IF i turn the feature off it works
  8. anyone wanna share a modified client who read AI for homun 2018-05-30 or older?
  9. the title says all, i think ai was disable is possible to make able? still using this client?
  10. anyone using client 2018 05 30 can confirm is working?
  11. Hi im using client 2018 05 30, and have been told that kro dropped the autofeed feature is not gonna work here on rathena, any client who works? ty ^^
  12. Hi, decided to just change clients and re-download rathena is working fine now, anyway ty ^^
  13. Sorry i make no sense i guess I cant compile without getting the error is in the Microsft visual studio not in the game in self...sorry english is difficult for me ^^'