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  1. you can block all IP on VNC port and accept only localhost connection through SSH tunnel connection only.
  2. i can't reproduce your problem at demo site, i believe it because of your modification. if you can find your problem at my demo site, then let me know.. unfortunately this is free theme, im not support for custom request.
  3. look like the problem because i added unfinished news folder in theme, just remove the news folder in custom theme and the problem solve
  4. im not sure for number 1, but for number 2 i will try look into it
  5. Update to V1.0.4 * update bulmaCSS version * update jquery version * fix wrong class usage * fix white font on submenu * change all CDN css, js and fontawesome to local * add login and logout button to navbar
  6. Update to Version 2.0.1 * update bulmaCSS version * update jquery version * center woe schedule * footer: change to yellow text for bold sentences * change all CDN css and js to local * fix delete button will remove all notification class
  7. just make your vnc server listen to localhost only
  8. for initial you can go for 2gb RAM, just monitor your RAM usage then you can upgrade server RAM manually. For Digital ocean, if you decided to put fluxcp there, you need to be aware that DO block SMTP port until 60 days usage.
  9. im not sure about this, mostly happen on centos OS, my demo website using same file and working good.
  10. there no bugs, as demo, it just the login button need to use recaptcha, i will re upload with fix in another day
  11. its using patched client, you need un patched client.. please post at that thread. this is not this grf problem.
  12. maybe youre using old NEMO, go to the NEMO and post this error
  13. what i can only confirm is just the login button problem. the others im not sure why its happen to you.
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