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  1. Cronus


    script where the three players who deal the most damage to a specific monster win some prizes does anyone help?
  2. Cronus

    Skill effect

    How do I add an Aura effect on the character with skill
  3. Olrox I have a doubt in the Brow edit how do I find a template and texture + template Custom ?? I put the template in the data.grf more does not appear please help me <3

  4. Hello did you put your custom item in item_db2? And us accname, moon and lub? Put in your /luasfiles/datainfo/accname.lub folder and moon [ID_Item] "_Name", Then save both and compile with luac5.0.2 Now take the test to see if it works Here it worked so my emulator, date is hexed are updated
  5. I need a help I want to change many skills from classes to classes more always appears like this
  6. How do I get a Paladin skill in a Hunter? I try more the skill appears gray and can not use I want to change the skill of Paladido to Hunter and also change the names of classes I am doing a ragnaruto if they can help me my doubt and this for now sorry for my English kk
  7. thana_boss,136,127,5 script test 811,{ mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes "Olá "+Strcharinfo(0)+", Gostaria de fazer a quest do Thanatos ?"; mes "------------------------"; mes " Requerimentos.."; mes "1X "+getitemname(7436); mes "1X "+getitemname(7437); mes "1X "+getitemname(7438); mes "1X "+getitemname(7439); mes "------------------------"; menu "Sim",sim,"Não",nao; close; sim: next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes "^FF9900Lembrando que a quest será bloqueada por 3 Horas^000000"; next; menu "Sim",sim2,"Não",nao2; close; sim2: next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes "Vou verificar seus items"; if(countitem(7436)<1)goto l_semitem; if(countitem(7437)<1)goto l_semitem; if(countitem(7438)<1)goto l_semitem; if(countitem(7439)<1)goto l_semitem; next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes "Voce tem todos os items"; mes "Farei a invocação agora"; delitem 7436,1; delitem 7437,1; delitem 7438,1; delitem 7439,1; atcommand "@monster 1708"; close; OnNPCKillEvent: if (killedrid == 1708){ hideonnpc "Invocador"; addtimer 10800000,"Invocador::OnTempo"; announce "O Sangue maldito derramado impede que a invocação seja feita novamente!",2; end; } OnTempo: hideoffnpc "Invocador"; announce "O Sangue derramado foi purificado, tudo volta ao seu normal!",18; end; l_semitem: next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000"; mes "Você não tem todos os itens necessario"; mes "para fazer está quest, volte quando tiver."; close; nao: next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes " Volte quando quizer"; close; nao2: next; mes " ^339966 [invocador] ^000000 "; mes " Volte quando quizer"; close; }
  8. Cronus

    HP Monster

    I already put 1 2 3 4 nothing happens with hp ?? Even usedi @reloadbattleconf // Display information next to the monster name? (Does not work in Guardians of GdE) // 0: Disabled // 1: Displays an HP of the monster (Hp / MaxHp format) // 2: Display one HP of the monster (format in% of total life) // 4: Display the level of the monster Show_mob_info: 1
  9. Cronus

    Inventory error

    Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Help me pf what folder of the moon files514 that is giving this error in the inventory gets bigger giant than the screen I do as to fix??
  11. Cronus

    error sprite

    Guys how can I remove this error?
  12. Cronus

    script classe

    Some more The friend worked out more I gave @job 4010 work and click on npc, and nothing appeared blank and you need to enter again is not your game more you want a different class to appear apologies you are not novice my npc payon,162,230,5 script Deidara Jounin 4_F_GON,{ if( Class == Job_Novice ) mes "olá você gostaria de virar Deidara Jounin?"; next; mes "Você precisa estar no lvl 399; next; mes "Voce deseja se tornar Deidara Jounin ??."; switch(select( "Claro","Nao, Obrigado")){ case 1: mes " Ok, Vamos Lá"; next; set usclass,1; jobchange 23; close; end; sorry: mes "Desculpe."; next; mes "Você ja escolheu uma classe !!."; next; close; case 2: mes "Ok, volte quando precisar !"; close; end; } //naovip: //mes "Me desculpe, você não é um jogador VIP"; //close; }
  13. I want to put a command in a npc class, it can only transform someone if you have the beginner job, what is the command? Help me my npc mes " Ok, come on "; next; set usclass,1; jobchange 23;
  14. Well I have a class npc and I want by job request type it has to have job 4001 of apprentice to be able to transform into another class what the command ?? To check
  15. I solved the case And put the curly
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