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  1. Thank you for this, just a suggestion maybe its good if you add a client side modification for ongoing quest so that players can monitor how many item left needed to collect.
  2. NPC that gives +7 item depends on their job (requirement migration ticket). Example if you choose swordsman you will get +7 armor and boots +0 headgear 15pcs HE Battle Manual, 15pcs Bubble gum and 15pcs Advance Field Manual. Thank you so much, and if possible with gepard check
  3. Awesome buddy, if you don't mind do you also have dungeons access for episode 17.1 or 17.2
  4. I started the script using this format but i'm not sure if this will work, anyone can share what would be the better script i can use to implement this?
  5. Good day guys!, I just want to request a NPC Script which required an item and after giving the requirements the NPC will automatically pick a random item from cash shop to give . For example a player insert 50pcs apples then the npc will generate all items on the cash shop randomly and he will get 1 item from it. Thank you
  6. Instance please for low and midrates anyway thank you for your scripts! all is clean and awesome!
  7. Thank you @Emistry, can you give me more example like a example npc that use that function? I want something like a npc with options what kind of illusion dungeons you want to reset and all quest id are inserted to each selection after that players need illusion stone ( 5pccs ) in able to reset a specific illusion dungeon whole quest.
  8. Hello thank, maybe i can give the whole quest database?
  9. Cool! can you DM me the information about this love it!
  10. Hi there good morning everyone! I would like to request a NPC that can reset illusion dungeon quest. If needed i can give illusion dungeons quest database just send me a DM
  11. Thank you for this, how do i make this script like automated event that runs every 4 hours?
  12. Hi guys i want to request a item script that make you transform into a monster but with bigger sprite like size 1 Example item 5497, after hitting monsters you will be transform into a edda and your size will become 1 and after the duration you will go back to normal size and character look again. Thank you.
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