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  1. danizinx


    Guys I'm look for Adelays Shield? how buy ? site offline ?
  2. Functor, please

    I had nothing to do with it, I did not know it was against the rules, the leandro did not work with ragnarok any longer, he just talked to you because I thought I could buy him, the server is mine, I beg your pardon for something, but I really need Gepard on my server, I'm not Leandro, I'm Daniel and All Stars is mine, I do not have to lie to anything, believe me

  3. danizinx


    Hi, i need a refine NPC, but refine only Headgears, low, mid and upper, +20. thx
  4. upp, all user of rathena need pay 10 doalrs for fiz one bug ? LoLLLL
  5. whats solucion? help me
  6. src/config/packets.h is missing.. no have an directori, only core.h, const renewal e secure..
  7. danizinx

    Strange error with the server host.

    Up, i have the same problem in my linux.. and not solved, I tried everything already https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/2127
  8. danizinx

    DJ Npc

  9. danizinx

    I cant register

    whats solution?
  10. danizinx

    Save Script

    Hello, my emulator is not saving the NPC, when I turn on the emulator again any NPC appears, have to add all one by one, wanted to know if any configuration.
  11. danizinx

    Help Aspd

    Hello , do not know if this is the right area , but it's a request , I tried hard and not found it , wish I could limit the aspd of a certain class ( champion in this case) to 180 , and the rest 190
  12. danizinx

    cards equipped

    oh my god, thank very much hauhaua, its work, thanks, can close Upped.
  13. danizinx

    cards equipped

    Hello , I wanted to know a command or check to see if such a card ( in mvp case) is equipped on some equipment in the inventory when you go to pvp arena , my npc only checks that have equipped card and card in the inventory , but not checks cards equipped in inventory.
  14. danizinx

    help pvp

    solved the problem , was missing a '}' at some IF , you can close xD