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  1. necesito data v 4 o la mas reciente que tu tienes gracias dja el link

  2. Yep. Before I get started back on the project I need to study back up on scripting and understand any new script commands @[email protected] i think there is such a new command its just the same thing the only thing is update is the new-engine. Character and Account (and Global Account) Variable Changes: They're no longer limited to #define ACCOUNT/GLOBAL_REG_NUM, they're now limitless. Storage and speed processing have been improved with less traffic being sent between the servers. Character and Account variables now support arrays! Variables stored in global_reg_value are now split up into account, character, and global tables (each having their own string and integer table). Array Changes: Increased array limit from 127 to 2 billion! Overall speed has been improved through new array handling methods. Script command 'getarraysize' overall processing has also been increased. Yeah I read all that already :> I recently tested a theory about grfs and if a custom information'd lub will read over a base file and share information: in example...Having a skillid.lub with nothing but custom skills would share another grf's skillid.lub that had all the full information instead of combining the information into one file. Sadly it didn't work. I need to get back into my mojo of being able to script ;-; It shouldnt take long...just need to review over a script or two for the format.
  3. Yep. Before I get started back on the project I need to study back up on scripting and understand any new script commands
  4. One great idea about this would be being able to have a guild raid dungeon instead of party raids because sometimes you dont want to leave parties but are forced to if you want to do an instanced dungeon
  5. Introduction to the Project Project Craft: We Provide, You Create is an indepth system that includes multiple types of Professions. These professions range from fishing, mining, crafting, cooking, etc. I'm hoping for this project to be one that many server owners use to further customize their server. What kind of Features will this project hold? Starting off with Fishing as the first profession it will feature a magnitued of new items and a fun way to pass the time. One major feature I'm hoping to release with this profession is a Contest Script that will pit players against each other to catch fish inorder to reach 1st place and win a grand prize. As for major features with the project itself players will need to complete a quest to earn their first profession skill as they can only have one per character. Right now I have no plans on making a way to switch professions or having multiple professions on one character.However if people request this as a 'premium' feature for their server I might look into it. As you read in the first sentance of the paragraph professions will be linked to Skills, not variables. Once I get the project fleshed out I'm really hoping to get someone to make some of the profession skills castable instead of just passive abilities. Conclusion For now this is all the information I can share about the project until I get more of it fleshed out and ready for public eyes. Thank you for reading and cheer for the project to be completed this time!
  6. If I recall there actually is a script command to do this. I'll have to do some digging to find it. *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>", <class id>, <size>) *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>", <class id>) *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", "<display name>") *setnpcdisplay("<npc name>", <class id>) Changes the display name and/or display class of the target NPC. Returns 0 is successful, 1 if the NPC does not exist. Size is 0 = normal 1 = small 2 = big. I believe it's the class ID you want to change.
  7. Thanks for the update and yeah I kinda skimmed around such as Akkarin stepping down etc.
  8. Hey everyone~ So...I've been absent for a while now...What feels like a year now? I don't even know. Popping in wanting to know whats changed(majoraly) in the past few months; New mobs? New Classes? New skills? New features? Its a shame not keeping track of this community/game because you have to backtrack all the changes the community or creators have made. I might get back into the swing of things and actually start scripting for people again! I'm losing a lot of interest in things now-a-days and I just want something that will keep me interested for more than a few days.
  9. I'm sorry if I haven't been as active as everyone would like but I've been trying to get my life started with a job and means of transportation D:

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